2 months ago 

The eyes are important @aneukpineung78, in my opinion, to see the number of views a post has.

 2 months ago (edited)

Okay. Like the one facebook got on groups. I see. I hope they will put it back on Steemit. So we can know the percentage of vote based on how many views. And I guess it will be more enhanced and useful if we can click "the eye" to see a list of people who have seen the post. That we can DM some of them (especially the ones we consider "friends"), "So you visit my post and you didn't vote? Well done! Now you can sit tight!" The "enhanced eye" would also let us know who have voted without visiting the post. That's cool. Always room for enhancements.

But, I wonder why did they take it off from Steemit? That's interesting.