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Hello Steemians! Good day!

I would like to share to you my experience in our yesterday's humanitarian program - Simple feeding program for the kids in our Area. By the help of Steemit, we are using our earnings to conduct this feeding program for the kids.

What did we give? What did we prepare?

Our solid friends @belsoronz, @aivanav, @jassennessaj, and Dexter (not yet Steemian)

It started when our friend @jassennessaj shared 25 Steem of his earnings to be used for the feeding program. I actually don't have any experience participating in charity or community programs that's why I get excited when I heard that we will be having feeding program like this.

I would like to share that the experience I had made me so much happy and grateful that I was able to help my neighbors especially kids. It is so overwhelming to see the smiles of my neighbors very happy to receive their food.

Preparation - 3.jpg
This is me as I was preparing for the vegetable lumpia

What did we prepare? We prepared a healthy nutritious food combo. From lugaw, a popular food in our area used for breakfast and snacks. We also prepared vegetable lumpia, and calamansi juice for the kids.

How We Started

Me, @aivanav, and @jassennessaj met at 10am to buy the ingredients needed for the feeding program. We went to Lapu-Lapu City Public Market to buy the ingredients for lumpia, lugaw, and the juice.

The happy faces of kids as they receive their food

What did we buy? These are the things we bought:

  • Vegetable Lumpia - 1.) 2-kilos of Beansprouts, 2.) 1-kilo ground pork, 3.) 4 packs of wrapper, 4.) 1-1/2 Oil, 5.) 3-kilos of mixed vegetables, 6.) Oyster sauce, 7.) Magic Sarap, 8.) Brown sugar, 9.) Onions and Garlic, 10.) Butane Gas (for cooking)

  • Lugaw - 1.) 3/4-kilos of Chicken, 2.) Knorr Pork Cubes, 3.) 20mL Oil, 4.) Salt, Pepper, Carrots, Garlic, and Ginger, 5.) Plastic Spoon and Cups

  • Calamansi Juice - 1.) Calamansi Juice, 2.) Tang Orange, 3.) White Sugar, 4.) Plastic Cups

Buying - 3.jpg
My friend @jassennessaj as he was buying plastic cups, spoons, and plastics

We started buying the ingredients for the lumpia vegetables. We were happy because we bought them at bargained price because the lady knew it will be used for the feeding program.

We bought 2 kilos of Tawgi and 3 kilos of Sari-sari to the lady at only 40 pesos each. What's good is that he made it more than 2 kilos to help the kids.

Buying - 7.jpg
Photo of me when we were buying them

Then we went to marigold to buy oil and lumpia wrapper. We also bought oyster sauce there and other ingredients.

Buying - 6.jpg

Then we went to inside the public market to buy the pork, chicken, and other ingredients that we weren't able to buy at Marigold. Also, we bought the ingredients for calamansi juice.

Buying - 4.jpg

After we arrived. We immediately prepared everything and cooked. We are thankful because our neighbors helped us too to prepare for the food. We were having fun too!!

Preparation - 2.jpg
You can see me at the photo preparing for the vegetable lumpia

Then we started cooking and prepared everything to be ready at around 4pm. We believe 4pm is the perfect time for the kids to enjoy these nutritious food. We also felt that the lugaw-vegetable lumpia-calamansi juice is a good combo for the kids.

Feeding Children.jpg

Look at the smiles of the kids. It is really overwhelming to see and I'm very grateful to @aivanav and @jassennessaj for letting me join the feeding program. Thank you also for the Steemit Shirt! I really like it!

We are also thankful to @stephenkendal for sponsoring our shirts and voting for @aivanav's post. We appreciate it so much sir.

Our earnings in this post will be used to fund our next feeding program that we are planning. Your votes matter to us and if we get enough blessings, we are planning to buy slippers and packed lunch for the kids.

Thank you to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @stephenkendal


Looks awesome.!!

I have asked @aivanav, if I gave you guys 100 #Steem as a one of Sponsorship Payment to help your Campaign, how would you spend it and roughly how many children would you be able to reach?


Hello Sir! @stephenkendal

Good day!

Thank you very much for your big help.
It will help around 130-140 children in our Community. We are planning to visit three different Sitios in our Baranggay to conduct a feeding program. We will do this together with my friends @jassennessaj and @aivanav on my rest day in work.

Again sir Thank you for your kindness and for your support. We will do our best to help more and more children in our Community.

God bless and more power. 😇

You guys are doing an awesome job and good luck with your Campaign.

Keep up the great work and thanks again for everything you are doing for the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit.

Looking forward to supporting you guys as much as I can.


Thank you so much sir @stephenkendal for the support. I am so happy our event went well. We made a specially made tarpaulin for the event sir with your logo as a thank you for the constant support.

This is my link:


Yes Sir @stephenkendal . You're welcome. We, here in our Community are very happy because you are a very kind person who helps us specially this time under the pandemic. May God bless you always Sir. 😇🙏

 7 months ago (edited)

Hello sir @stephenkendal. Oh my God. That will help us a lot sir.

Your 100 donation sir can help accommodate 130-140 children with these meals:

  • Vegetable Lumpia (2 big pcs each)
  • Lugaw/Porridge
  • Coconut or Calamansi juice.

We are also planning to conduct these feedkng program in three locations

  • Purok Kawayanan
  • Purok Caimitohan
  • Purok Tambis

We choose 3 differenr locations sir to make sure every child will bw given in our community.

The earnings of our posts sir will also be saved because we are planning to give them slipperd for their next project.

Again sir. Thank you so much sir @stephenkendal you made me so happy.

Ok, sounds great.

I am going to make you guys a Sponsorship Offer of 100 #Steem and will publish it very shortly.


Thank you so much sir @stephenkendal. we will do our best so that your support to us will not be wasted. again thank you for your trust and support.

Very kind offer, hope 100 steem may help more kids in this campaign, Hats off sir SK for this great offer. 💕💖❤️

Thank you @shohana1 ☺️
We hope that, we can help more kids by feeding program. Not just in our Community but for other places also. ☺️

I wish you more success in your aim of kindness. May Allah SubhanAllah ta'ala bless you all with more wealth that you can help more needly people around us. ❤️💕💖

Thank you very much ☺️❤️@shohana1

Thank you sir! @sunod napod.

Lugaw npod siguro ta ss mga bata next and mag monggos na tinunuan ta sa mga dagko 🙏😇 bibo kaayu ni sir sunod hehe

Thank you pd sir @jassennessaj
hehe kana sir para bibo kayo sunod puhon sir 😇

This movement that the Steem family was eagerly awaiting

Steem On

Thank you @xoxois ☺️ I love to see the happy faces of the children again. 😇

They may need it badly

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