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Good morning everyone, wherever you are, I hope you are healthy and gathered with a happy family, I wish you all the best

This is my friend who just joined steemit that I talked about yesterday. He was one of my college friends who sat with me a lot and he watched me write on steemit. After seeing me write and he was interested. Then I offered him to enter steemit, then he wanted. By entering Steemit, of course, every newcomer will be confused about how to register. That's why I'm here to teach him how to sign up and do a lot of steemit stuff, but I'll teach him once he joins first.

At 10:00 I met him on campus when I was still in college. I met him and immediately taught him how to introduce himself to the Newcomer community. After helping her introduce herself. Then I taught him to write and so on.

Help teach him to write

I gathered at one of my friend's boarding houses @ anak-kampung and also with newcomers @rezafahlepi. This is where the newcomers and I sit and communicate and learn steemit again. Starting a presentation with the two of them which I lived for about 1 hour.


My goal is to put assignments for newcomers on paper to make it easier to read. With my direction too, of course. On that paper I have written several assignments for newcomers, such as assignments for newcomers 1, assignments for newcomers 2, assignments for newcomers 3, and so on. You could say this is a newcomer's guide that I created on paper.


After finishing introductions or self-introductions, everything is finished, so we will meet next time to study again. we hurried home and we greeted each other. Our meeting ends here and maybe we will meet again if each of them is not busy and this is the story today, thank you for visiting, I am @digitalals-life

and greetings to all of you, thank you for , @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02 , @steemcurator03 , @booming01 , @booming02 , @crytokannon ,@anroja @radjasalman.