A Brief Info about 30 Food Packages For Orphans

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This post is dedicated to support operational steem.amal food for the orphans

The muslem community in Aceh will celebrate the Holy moon of Ramdhan, normally the people will have extra food and drink in every evening with various kind and taste, but it is only to those who have deep pocket to spend. What would happen to the orphans?. They will just have it in their dream!. With deep consideration of the Sociocultural in Aceh. Steem.Amal make a little plan to help them feel the same in the holymoon. And all of Acehnese steemians also have had the same Idea to give something to make their wish of having delicious food once in a while. With their donation both collectively and personally we hope the event will give them a great joy and happiness. Would you like to contribute in their happiness?. Let join together to make it come true!


On 29 March 2021, I met with CISAH (Central of Information Of Samudera Pasai Aceh Haritage) , a local NGO which has been actively involve in humanitarian aid in Aceh, as the Information I knew CISAH has been established since 2015. The NGO is concern about the Atjeh (Aceh) heritage especially the history of Aceh Kingdom.

They formally inform me about their annual event that they will held this year in Ramadhan the holy moon. By the meantime @anroja and I have had the plan to make a Ramadhan Package and distribute it North Aceh. Our discussion continue with the official meeting on 30th.

We continue to discuss about the event and I propose the @steem.amal program to be implemented by CISAH. They were very enthusiastic to have that kind of supports. They kindly accept our term and condition to only use the budget for the package for 30 orphans and also they are trying to get more supports from other donatures to increase the number of beneficiaries for the even.

The draft of the budget is about Rp 6,000,000 for 30 food packages with the sticker of steem and steem.amal for steem promotion purpose. The Item that will be distributed are as below:

1Rice10 KgRp 110,000
2Sugar2 kgRp 26,000
3Milk 2 cansRp 20,000
4Cooking Oil1 KgRp. 14,000
5Dates1 KgRp 30,000
Total5 items---Rp 200,000

Total budget for 30 orphans is Rp. 6,000,000

I would love to add more variety of foods if the donation is increase!

With the SBD price getting higher recently, the number of beneficiaries can be increased significantly for better program achievement. It is purely a promo-steem event that we would like to achieve.

Regarding the work load of @steem.amal program manager (el-nailul). The activity in the field is getting high lately, we decided to give that responsible of the program execution to @radjasalman as agreed with both parties.

The foods and drinks for the fiesta will be covered from the voluntary donations of the participants, and the rest will be covered by @anroja and @el-nailul.

So the program update will be published in his personal account to support the operational cost. The Ramadhan Fiesta (Break The Fasting Day together), is expected as the event to gather all steemian in the place to have a more solid community and as the positive way of steem education to the new comer too. Beside, it is the best way for steem-promotion widely in North Aceh regency.

I hope every one who see this as the prospective event for steem-promotion could help his (@radjasalman) post to support and make the program goes smoothly.

Thank you for your attention and supports


With my best regards


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thank you for this information. We will all be happy with the program implemented together with Cisah for orphans. I will share this post.

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Thank you @nazarul, togetherness we can achieve much more impacts of the promotions

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Program yang sangat luar biasa kakanda. 💪👍👍🙏🙏

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Dek @herimukti bakal nambah kerjaannya juga nih

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Oke bang di copy🤣

Mantab... Terus berkarya untuk kebermanfaatan sesama... Good job!

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Mas lama gak nampak, apa kabar??

Lg bertapa... Hahaha....

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Terimakasih maskuncoro, apa kabar mas?

Alhamdulillah... Kabar baik....

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thank you verymuch @steemcurator01

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Alhamdulillah, program yg sangat bagus dlm menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan, Semoga menjadi Rahmat bagi kita semua. Aamiin

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pak @tucsond jangan lupa untuk hadir dan bergabung ya pak

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Insyaallah Bang

I noble cause. I upvoted it,
love this post and thank you for providing the information.

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Thank you very much for kind words and supports @mileycohen

your welcome :)

Well done @el-nailul. May the Almighty bless you with more capacity to help the needy. The more you give the more you get.

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Thank you @brahmaputra, we all hope the best for her