Indonesian CR and MOD Meeting: Official Minute Meeting of SEA CRs, Indonesian CRs and Indonesian MOD

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This post is set 50-50 because all the payout from this post is dedicated to the program and will be transferred to support the program

Following the recommendation from Steemcurator01 to make good coordination among the Indonesian moderators and take further action regarding the charity program initiation, we are Steem SEA CRs, Indonesian MODs, Indonesian CRs, and World of Xpilar MOD initiated to arrange an internal meeting. Hence, on November 10th the internal meeting was held to underline a few issues and programs which are about to be executed. The meeting was conducted at MJ Coffee in Uteun Geulinggang, Kreung Geukueh, North Aceh at 14.30 Western Indonesian Time (GMT + 7).

The meeting was attended by @anroja (SEA CR), @ernaerningsih (SEA CR), @sultan-aceh (World of Xpilar MOD), @radjasalman (Indonesian CR), @muzack1 (Steem SEA MOD), @el-nailul (Steem SEA MOD/Steemfoods SEA Rep). This meeting actually had three specific agendas to be discussed and prepared accordingly to take immediate action.

Those agendas ware:

  1. Finding the real strategy to increase the Indonesian members, support them where necessary, unite them as one, and encourage them to actively make the posts on the steemit platform.
  2. Build a stronger and self-sufficient community to support the members
  3. Start to kick off the Steem charity program in Aceh-Indonesia using an independent account to raise the funding.

Image Property of @fwinanda. MJ coffee Kreung Geukuh, North Aceh 62Q7+9W Uteun Geulinggang, Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh.

The conclusion of the meeting

Solutions for Issue No. 1:>

@sultan-aceh, @anroja, and @radjasalman gave good explanations to the participants as below:

  • Promo-steem to the potential candidate for new members such as teachers, unemployed, and local community using t-shirts, stickers, and community support programs that directly impact the community.
  • Show the community the benefit of steem for their social network and financial supports
  • Provide accurate information about the contests that are organizing across communities in their language.
  • Show the steem community members to comprehend to get the highest curation rewards

Solutions for Issue No. 2:>

@sultan-aceh, @anroja gave good explanations to the participants as below:

  • Power up the account with any necessary means, including providing training for trading to the potential members
  • Invest to buy steem internally from the members who are in need to support their daily life
  • Participate in the contest to get more reward and power up the account
  • Delegate steem power to the community account

Action for point No. 3:>

  • The first stage program is covered for 1 main aspect: which are
  1. Support disability with prosthetic legs or hands, and wheelchair.
  2. Support major/minor surgery for harelip children under 10
  • Create an independent account to accommodate the program and raise the funds (on the process). The name of the account will possibly be @steem.betterlife, it will be created by @nazarul

  • Promote the account with the official introduction and program information. The post of the account will be made by @el-nailul

  • The funding will be from the post of the account, members donations, members post rewards donation, and community supports. The person in charge of raising the funds are @sultan-aceh, @anroja, @ernaerningsih

  • The survey for the beneficiaries will be conducted by all the community members and present it to the program officer (@el-nailul and @radjasalman) by making a post using the #actsofkindness tag (because the surveyor will not be paid from the fund, so hopefully the will get the reward from community upvote)

  • The verification stage of the beneficiaries will be done by the program board member

  • The implementation and program execution will be arranged accordingly by board members and from the community members voluntarily.

  • The first action of the program will be started soon after the account is approved, and the first donation is expected in January 2021. It means the time frame to raise the first donation is approximately one and a half months.

  • Board member of the program:

NoAcc NameTitleCommunity
1@anrojaProgram LeaderSEA CR
2@ernaerningsihCo-leaderSEA CR
3@ernaerningsihFinance managerSEA CR
4@radjasalman, @el-nailulProgram ManagerSteem sea and Steemfoods
5@nazarul, @muzack1Program Admin and SupportSteem sea MOD
6@nazarul, @muzack1, @radjasalman, @el-nailulAccount AdministratorSteem SEA

Members: All community members and meeting participants, (Steem for Better Life Whatsapp group)

Should you have any corrections, advice, suggestion, and idea, please feel free to give your comments

CC: @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemitblog, @xpilar

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Thank you @nihar1969, you have shown us your support by sharing it on Twitter.

cc: @anroja, @nazarul, @radjasalman, @ernaerningsih, @muzack1

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Terimakasih @nihar1969 atas support anda 🙏👍👍

Good to read this report of a very productive meeting.

The plans are very impressive. We will be following closely.

For the account name it might be good to include some indication of your country in case other Steem communities want to do similar.

Or perhaps the general one and a country specific one?

Thank you from the Steemit Team

Thank you very much for your advice @steemcurator01, that is also good to make two accounts; which is one for general and the other one is for specific Indonesia, but at the first stage of the program we will do this pilot project in Indonesia, using the specific account. The general one, perhaps we can coordinate with other CRs and try to support those in need in their country with the same method, but we need to disseminate the success story and our method of doing it to influence the rest of the CRs

Best regards

You might want to get the general one now as well and hold on to it for future use in case someone else takes it...

 4 months ago (edited)

Yes, you are right. The general one is the name that I mentioned in the post, and the specific one will be made another name that shows the specific Indonesian name. I will discuss with @anroja and the team again about the new specific name

CC; @nazarul, @anroja, @radjasalman, @ernaerningsih, @muzack1

Thank you very much for your concern and support @steemcurator01

Best Regards

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Saya mengusulkan salah satu nama yang mungkin bisa jadi oertimbangan yaitu @steem-pedulikasih

Terimakasih pak @radjasalman. maaf saya bari bisa melihat dan membalas semua komen dan masukan rekan semua

cc: @nazarul

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Maaf saya terlambat datang 😁. Saya akan segera membuat akun. ini Adalah hal yang sudah di tunggu-tunggu, dengan program ini semoga akan bisa membantu kepada yang membutuhkan.

Owesome dude.. just want to check it out my vote power

Thank you for supporting us, and stopping by my post

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Program yang sangat bagus, dengan adanya pertemuan yang tentunya membawa suatu pencerahan kepada para steemian berbagi, nama akun yang saya usulkan


Terimakasih pak @muzack. semoga kita bisa sama-sama mensukseskan program ini


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Great step to achieve shared success. I am amazed, hopefully the move can go well. Hopefully I can participate

Thank you @p3di, I hope we can achieve all the goals from this program, and thank you for supporting this post, eventually, the payout will go to the charity account.


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Disability allowance with prosthetic limbs or hands, and wheelchairs. Major/minor surgery support for cleft lip of children under 10 years.
I am very supportive of this program and I will help as best I can.

Thank you dek @ikhsan01, we will do our best to make it come true

best regards

Acara yang luar biasa. Selamat bagi semua Steemian Indonesia. Kalau ada undangan, padahal saya juga mau datang.

Terimakasih bang @ayijufridar, mohon maaf yang besar untuk abang, kami juga kebingunangan untuk mencari nomor kontaknya bang, semua serba mendadak dalam pembahasan agenda lain dan rapat konsolidasi. Insyaallah, kita akan saling kontak untuk silaturahim di dunia nyata.

Ini discord saya bang kalau bisa abang drop no hp ya bang: el-nailul#3044

Salam sukses untuk abang sekeluarga

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Saya jarang menggungkan discord, tapi I have send friend request for you. Discord saya Ayi Jufridar#7456. Atau kontak via email [email protected]