Official Report: Minute Program Meeting of Steem.amal

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25% for @steem.amal

Along with the registration of new accounts for ACT-MRI volunteers, steem.amal's board members also held the internal meeting to draft the next program which will need deep consideration for field implementation. The meeting is aiming to set up the next steem.amal program implementation objectives and strategies. It is necessary to underline crucial issues and apply the right strategy to handle them in the field. Without the right strategy for handling the program, steem.amal will no longer able to handle the workload.

There were two meetings on April 18th, 2021. The first meeting was for Board Member only and the second meeting was for steem.amal Foods for 30 Orphans program in collaboration with CISAH.

Steem.amal Board Member meeting

First Board Member Meeting

Event: Steem.amal Board member meeting
Venue: MIN 3 Kuta Blang, Lhokseumawe
Date/time: 18th April/17.30-18.20

@anrojaTeam Leader
@el-nailulProgram Manager
@ayijufridarProgram Advisor
@curieseaProgram Advisor
@heriadiNorth Aceh field coordinator
@irawandedyNorth Aceh field Assisstant
@miftahuddinNorth Aceh field Assisstant
@klen.civilEngineering Specialist


  1. @steem.amal will seek the possibility to be a legal institution for more effective action in the field, it is to avoid miss understanding or subject to Indonesian rules and regulations.

  2. Promo-steem on the National newspaper will be led by @ayijufridar in the community space.

  3. Wheelchair program is fixed for the first stage will allocate 5 wheelchairs for Pidie Jaya, Lhokseumawe, North Aceh. the survey has been conducted to identify the beneficiaries.

  4. Medical Assistance for Nasriah is on going and handled by @nazarul in Pidie Jaya and for North Aceh will be handled by @heriadi @klen.civil and North Aceh team

  5. The steem.amal program should not be overlapping and duplicated with other agencies and government programs. It is necessary to identify in advance before the program is implemented.

  6. Emergency budget is prepared as necessary, but will not be allocated at once to avoid to shortage of the program budget.

  7. Water and sanitation program in Seunuddon has been agreed upon and will be executed within the week. And most probably it is the last watsan program for the personal need. The next Water and Sanitation program will aim to the public facilities for maximum benefits.

  8. Music concert for steem-promotion event is under serious consideration and will be planned accordingly after the holy month of Ramadhan.

The second meeting

The second meeting is the Food for the orphans in collaboration with CISAH. The program implementation will be executed and need the appropriate plan in advance to ensure the program will run smoothly in the field.


Event: Steem.amal and CISAH Program Meeting
Venue: Station Coffee & Resto, Lhokseumawe
Date/time: 18th April/20.30-22.00


Steem.Amal board member and CISAH board member


  1. The event will be held on the April 27th, 2021 in the Sulthan of Samudera Pasai Cemetery site

  2. The total of the food packages will be increased from 30 to 40 and the additional budget will be allocated accordingly

  3. The preparation is ongoing and will be handled by CISAH, and the operational cost will be covered by myself (el-nailul)

  4. The purchasing of all foods item will be handled by CISAH team and the fund will be transferred according to the bill/receipt for an adequate financial report

Attention Please: One of SteemSEA family member (@gourdon) had an emergency and needs our assistance since his Auntie's house was burned out this evening; for the complete post you can check it on this link:

Property of @munawar0

Please share your kindness to our friend as a SteemSEA big family, we care and we share for togetherness and love. Steem.Amal will respond as appropriate and where possible.

Thank you for supporting the program of steem.amal and the operational expenses through this post



With my best regard




Good post @el-nailul
Tetap solid team steem.amal
izin resteem bg

 19 days ago 

Terimakasih bang, semoga tetap istiqamah untuk melakukan tugas kemanusian

Humanitarian activities are noble deeds, hopefully the team work of @ steem.amal will have lighter steps in implementing humanitarian programs.

 19 days ago 

terimakasih bang @tucsond, semoga kita sentiasa diberi kekuata untuk melakukan kebaikan

Hasil kerja keras tim @steem.amal yang luar biasa

 19 days ago 

terimakasih atas perhatian dan dukungannya

 19 days ago 

The @steem.amal working system has been formed. We just need to make it happen in the field with the support of all parties.

 19 days ago 

It should be done that way, other wise steem.amal would not be able to cover the workload, thank you for your tremendous support bung @ayijufridar


 18 days ago 

I think @steem.amal has paved the way for Steemians around the world, not only in Indonesia, to care for others who are not as fortunate as us.

 18 days ago 

Grandiosa labor, es admirable todo lo que hacen por los más necesitados. 👍

Miles de bendiciones y éxitos para que puedan continuar

 18 days ago 

Thank you very much for your support and praying to what we are doing here

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