Official Report: Registering ACT-MRI New Account Report

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The payout will be used for next season mentoring program for newcomers and initiated the child education program in South East Asia, Venezuela, and Africa Region

The SteemSEA meet-up on April 18th, in solid collaboration with @steem.amal has been successfully done. With the presence of the Lokseumawe's steemian to help the newcomer to register the account, it has become possible to execute a big task of steem.amal in carrying out the promo-steem event.

@anroja is giving the welcome speech and explaining what steemit and blockchain to the newcomers

The newcomers join together with active steemians in photo session after the fiesta

The presence of 150+ steemians in the meetup on the 18th of April is a big achievement of steem.amal steem promotion in Lhokseumawe and North Aceh. All of them are highly motivated enthusiastic to start the journey on steemit. But it is not the real main goal of the steem.amal promo-steem, but bringing the investor into the steemit platform and strengthening the platform for the long term is the real one.

In the meetup event, 13 new accounts in total were successfully registered and got the direct guidance to make the first and second achievements. Besides, several dormant accounts also participate in achievement guideline and tutorial.

1@sulaimannovaSuccessAchievement 2
2@alexandria-riskiSuccessAchievment 2
3@nazaruddin06SuccessAchievment 2
4@rizaltanjongDormantGuideline for achievements
7@cekherSuccessAchievement 2
8@zaini123SuccessAchievement 2
9@rahmathuafdal90Error due to internet connectionRe-register
10@windadaraitError due to internet connectionRe-register
12@asra95SuccessAchievement 2
13@Ikhwal23SuccessAchievement 1
14@cektarSuccessAchievement 2
15@Salman0712Error due to internet connectionRe-register
16@hm3143021@gmail.comError due to internet connectionRe-register
18@alee75ActivatedGuidline for achievements
19@isma96SuccessAchievement 2
20@insomniaRe-activated dormantGuidline for achievements
21@hendrasndRe-activated dormantGuidline for achievements

Unfortunately, the rest of the member was not able to register the account due to the interrupted internet connection and time frame of the meet-up, but the registration accounts will be facilitated accordingly

Millions thanks to:
@anroja @radjasalman @nadilchairi @klen.civil @heriadi @ikhsan01 @herimukti @firyfaiz @asiahaiss @sisol @fwindanda @muzack1 @curiesea @nm007 @arie.steem @hattarshavin @miftahuddin @waterjoe @harferry @irawandedy and other friends that I cannot mention one by one on this post, but your contribution is highly appreciated.

In terms of following up on the new register, I put a huge concern on guiding the newcomers for growing healthy on the steemit platform and start to produce good quality content and strengthening the platform in the future. The next mentoring will be arranged within this week to ensure the activation of the account. The venue, date/time, and budget will be published in the next post.

Important note:

The budget for the event is covered by myself and SteemSEA members to support the newcomers. No program budget is spent for the event









It seems this post has been a long run to read, so the meeting and update program will need to make in another post. Thank you for stopping by my post

Thank you very much for supporting my post and steem.amal for maximum program achievement

Budget and Balance:


This report is for accountability and audit purpose



With my best regard



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Terimakasih bang

Kebersamaan yang sangat mulia

 20 days ago 

Semoga bisa terus kompak dan solid bang


Luar biasa eksedett

 19 days ago 

Ka deuh lom eksedet lon, kiban haba, pat posisi jinoe

Hahahaha. Baru jeut buka Lom account long kuyu bak naufal, wa droe neuh pih KA neganto. Long di Tangsel bang

Отличная работа!

 20 days ago 

Спасибо за то, что вдохновляете и поддерживаете нас в том, чтобы делать больше добрых дел.

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