Official Report: Steem.amal Program Update and Another Emergency Response has been initiated

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Dear All...

Thank you for the support that you have shown to the @steem.amal by setting the payout directly to steem.amal.

I would like to inform you that within the week the steem.amal program has been finalized and started to roll another program immediately. Before updating the ongoing program, I would like to inform you that, yesterday evening another house just burned to the ground and steem.amal team is preparing the emergency response as of today. As the program manager, I have issued the granted budget to respond as much as Rp 3,000,000 (30 sbd), this budget is taken from stem.amal emergency response allocation budget that has been set previously. And the operational cost taken from my personal budget has also been transferred Rp 350,000 (3.5 SBD) to support the survey.

@radjasalman as the Lhokseumawe field coordinator will act efficiently to respond to the emergency response as necessary. The report from @nadilchairy as you can see in his post here:

Thank you to @nadilchairi and @muzack01 for providing the data and information, and also I thank @rizkamutia13 for the quick response to provide basic data. As you can see on the pictures below;

Image Property of @muzack1

image property of @nadilchairi

The basic data that we have received so far is as below picture:

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-29 at 22.07.59.jpeg
Image property of @rizkamutia13

Location info has not yet provided, will be updated by @radjasalman

Thank you very much to everyone who involved in helping the victim of the burned house in Tambon, Krueng guekuh, Lhokseumawe.

Please ask permission of using any picture and data from the victim to avoid any miss understanding and misuses of the data


The 40 food packages for orphans.

The 40 food packages for orphans have been done in collaboration with CISAH on April 27th. See the galleries below:

The even is published in 4 local online news channel:





All those photos are property of CISAH documentary team, publish with permission for steem.amal purpose

Wheelchair Program

on 27th April, steem.amal also delivered 2 wheelchairs in Lhokseumawe area as a part of Steem.amal Health Care Program.

As you can see in the picture below:



Image property of @ayijufridar

You can check the post from him and @anroja for more detail:

Image property of @anroja

Special thank to @anroja, @ayijufridar, @green07, @sisol, @radjasalman, and all Lhoksemawe team

Responding to the 13 Burned Houses in Lhoseumawe

Following the 13 burned houses in Lhoksemawe, steem.amal also respond with the emergency budget. On the 27th of April, steem.amal team delivered the second phase of support. The second phase of the response took the initiative to support the kind with the school utilities, as you can see in the pictures below:




Images property of @radjasalman and @anroja

As you can also see on his personal blog post:

A million thank you to @radjasalman @muzack1 and all Lhokseumawe team who have given great support to steem.amal

WatSan Program in Seunuddon

The ongoing program of Water and Sanitation Program is in Seunuddon, the progress is quite significant as of today the team lead by @heriadi has checked the location and provide a report to me as what @klen.civil and @hariadi show in their post:

Both @hariadi and @klen.civil are our steem.amal North Aceh team who is in charge of monitoring the program running in the area.

The progress you can see in these pictures:




Image property of @heriadi and @klen.civil

Those pictures have shown us the significant progress for completion of the WatSan Program in Seunuddon North Aceh. Million thank @hariadi and the team to make this program running smoothly in the field.

The last thing on April 27th is the Steem.amal Board Member meeting in Lhokseumawe, on the meeting we have agreed to use the Community Economic Development Program in Bireuen Regency. The total amount of the program is Rp. 25,000,000 (250 SBD) to support at least 15 beneficiaries.

The program will be started after the holy Ramadhan, and the PIC of the program is @curiesea and @green07.




Other than the program that is mentioning above, steem.amal is preparing to support the newest Health Emergency Response in Baktiya North Aceh as reported by @alexandria-riski (ACT-MRI head of North Aceh chapter)

The verification team will be arranged tomorrow, for data verification and conducting the further assessment. Image Property of ACT-MRI

Thank you for reading and supporting the report of the steem.amal, your support to my post will be used to support others in need somewhere in the world

This #report is to provide the accountability of the program



With my best regards


Steem for better life program manager


you really had a good heart sir. Keep it up

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Extraordinario trabajo, tienes una gran equipo, unidos todos por el bienestar de las comunidades.

Sinceramente son un ejemplo a seguir. Les deseo Muchos Éxitos en todo lo que se propongan.

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Hola puedes ver mi post ? : Mi receta Gracias! .

Laporan yang sangat transparan fan akuntable, terimakasih @el-nailul atas kegiatan sosial yang sangat bermanfaat dan bernilai ibadah, semoga anda sukses dan sehat selalu