STEEM.AMAL OFFICIAL REPORT: Steem.amal Minutes Meeting June 29th, 2021

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This post is to support the operational expenses of the face mask distribution in Lhokseumawe next week

Steem.amal board members conducted an official meeting in dr Kupi Lhokseumawe on June 29th at 15.00 WIB to evaluate the project and other important issues.

The purposes of the meeting were to evaluate the steem.amal program that had been implemented to have a better implementation strategy and program effectiveness. Since the steem.amal is entering the larger scale of the program, it is necessary to set a proper financial planning and better project management.

The meeting was presented by all Lhokseumawe and North Aceh board members including the steem.amal Bener Meriah Field Coordinator @fajar.perangin79

June 29th, meeting in Dr. Kupi Lhokseumawe

Minutes of the meeting

Vanue: DR. Kupi SP Buloh, Lhokseumawe
Date/time: June 29th/13.00 WIB-17.30 WIB
Event: Coordination Meeting


[1] Overall budget planning and evaluation

  • Education program need to be postponed for a while until the budget is enough and all economic development programs handed over
  • There needs to be a reserve fund to anticipate the lack of program funds, which is 10% of the total wealth of steem.amal
  • There needs to be a standard SOP for the implementation of the steem.amal program in the field as a work reference.
  • @miftahuddin as one of the North Aceh board member team suggested that steem.amal needs to evaluate each and every step of program implementation to achieve a better result
  • The preliminary assessment does not need to obtain board member clearance
  • The team leader clearance needs to be obtained for the verification survey as a part of the steem.amal official response

[2] Preparation of 1300 face masks distribution in Lhokseumawe (Promo-steem)

  • The distribution of the masker is in Lhokseumawe
  • There needs to have adequate coordination with the government stakeholders before distributing the masks
  • @ayijufridar and el-nailul will coordinate with the government agencies

[3] Ongoing program presentation

  • The construction of the first permanent house has reached up to 20% as of the day of the meeting
  • There is a possibility of a 7.7% increase in the construction budget due to the increase in the amount of land stockpiling which is too low
  • The 3 community development programs in Bireuen are running smoothly and will be handed over on Saturday by the team leader led by @anroja

[4] Reporting and program evaluation method

  • The next program of steem.amal needs to have a standard evaluation methodology that refers to the indicator which is set in advance by board members
  • Reporting of the ongoing program is the responsibility of the person in charge of the program in the field
  • The content of the report must be set and in accordance with the steem.amal SOP for standard audit trail

[5] News and media promotion

  • All steem.amal activities need to be published in the online/offline newspaper for steem promotion purposes
  • All field coordinators must produce the press release and send it to the Whatsapp group of steem.amal for additional input before sending it to the news agency
  • @ayijufridar will edit the press release for media promotion purposes

[6] Self-sufficient income program (entrepreneurship)

  • steem.amal needs to establish an adequate business for the sustainability of the humanitarian program that is being initiated
  • The management system of the steem.amal business will be discussed in detail before the implementation takes place
  • The business will be administrated by the skillfully steemian, and most probably will receive steem/sbd as one of the payment methods

[7] Additional Information

  • Steem.amal now has had 2 more team members, one for North Aceh as is @nadichairi and Lhokseumawe is @sisol
  • @nadilchairi will support @heriadi and the team and being representative in his area, while @sisol will support Lhokseumawe team in documentation and data collection


Meanwhile, the first model of the steem.amal mask has been printed and distributed to the meeting participants as the promotion media. And the rest will be distributed at the steem promotion event. Thank to @ayijufriday for presenting the masker to the board member meeting.

@miftahuddin @irawandedy @klen.civil wore the masks while testing it for the first time in the meeting

Should you have any input and advice please feel free to comment on this post

Thank you very much for your support to the steem.amal programs and their implementation in the field


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