STEEM.AMAL OFFICIAL REPORT: Verification Data for 3 Community Economic Development Programs in Bireuen

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50% for steem.amal for program acceleration


Starting from June to August 2021, steem.amal has allocated Rp 72,000,000 (720 SBD) for 12 beneficiaries From East Aceh to Sigli. Out of 12 beneficiaries, 2 of the beneficiaries in Pidie Jaya have received the business capital to restart their sustainable business. Steem.amal keeps improving the sustainable way of supporting those in need by providing aid and assistance.

Steem.amal team led by @green07 and supervised by @curiesea has also conducted a survey in Bireuen and brought the issues to the steem.amal board member meeting in Lhokseumawe for data validity and verification. The result is steem.amal will support 3 beneficiaries in Bireuen regency in the form of sustainable business capital.

The verification results are :

No 1, support coconut oil production

Name: Nuraini
Address: Alue Bie Pusong, Jangka sub regency, Bireuen Regency




Nuraini is a widow with 4 dependences who lives her life in poverty for years after her husband passed away several years ago. To support her daily life she produces the traditional coconut oil and coconut fermentation in Jangka Bireuen. In addition, she also makes a traditional sleeping mattress and sells it to the market. Steem.amal decided to support her in providing 1000 pcs coconut with the expectation that she will be able to produce her own coconut oil. With the capital that steem.amal provides her, hopefully, she will be able to support her own sustainable life.

The budget that has been allocated is as below:

NoItem supportQtyIDRSBD
1Coconut1000 kg3,000,00030
2Plastic sheet8 m210,0002.1
3Nylon Sack10 pcs30,0000,3
4Jerry can 30 L2 pcs160,0001,6
5Man power1150,0001,5
6Cash Assistence1500,0005
----Total---4,050,00040,5 SBD


No 2, Support goat farming

Name: Ridwan
Address: Alue Bie Pusong, Jangka sub regency, Bireuen Regency




Ridwan is a fisherman who has 11 dependencies, he lives his life by selling the fish in his village and also taking care of someone else goad farming. Steem.amal intended to support his life by providing him goats (kids) in order to maintain economic sustainability. He has ability since the experience that he got by taking care of someone else goats farm.

The budget that has been allocated is as below:

NoItem supportQtyIDRSBD
1Goat (kid)44,800,00048
----Total---4,800,00048 SBD


No 3, Support Aquaculture // Fish Farming

Name: Armia
Address: Dusun Alue U, Balee Panah, Juli, Bireuen





Armia is a former bank employee who effected by the covid-19. Since the COVID-19 he was laid off after the policy of reducing employees during this COVID-19 pandemic. He just got married and has no job to do to support his living cost. He works for taking care of his aquaculture program that he ran when he was still working in the bank. Six months ago, he married a girl and spent all his capital on fish farming. He would like to restart it again for the family's economic sustainability since his wife also has been pregnant for 4 months. Steem.amal decided to support him by providing him 1000 tilapia fishes. He already has a pond to run the program and the pond is adequate for such a fish cultivation program.

The budget that has been allocated is as below:

NoItem supportQtyIDRSBD
1Tilapia fish10003,800,00038
2Feeding1 zack550,0005.5
3Protection net3 kg200,0002
4Cash Assistence1250,0002.5
----Total---4,800,00048 SBD


That program is expected to be implemented within next week and the leader of the program is @green07 in coordination with @curiesea. The total budget allocation for those 3 programs is Rp 13,650,000 (136.5 SBD) with the assumption of an SBD market price of approximately Rp 100,000 IDR.

Thank you very much to



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My best regards


Program Manager Steem for Better Life
This post is #steemexclusive as the official #report for public audit purpose

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Sangat luar biasa pak @el-nailul. Semoga proses pelaksanaan nya diberikan kemudahan oleh Allah. Dan semoga program ini bisa membantu perekonomian orang yang menerima nya..amiin

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InsyaAllah pak @assidiq, kita akan berusaha yang terbaik untuk mereka yang membutuhkan

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Ini adalah aktivitas yang hebat. untuk membantu orang lain hidup lebih baik Saya menghargai dedikasi tim Anda.

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Thank you very much @pichat, how is our community in Thailand?

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thank you very much too. We are committed to building a strong Thai community like your team.

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Semoga usaha akan berjalan dengan baik. Terimakasih steem.amal

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Semoga kita terus diberi kekuatan dan kemudahan dalam menjalankan misi kemanusiaan ini

Semoga usahanya dan kebaikan semua jadi berkah. Aminnnnn

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Terimakasih banyak @iqrammullah, semoga semua berjalan lancar