Act of Kindness: Help Heal Mother Earth

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Earth is dying, but thanks to the advancement in space exploration we are able to discover many habitable planets in space that could keep the human race alive.

Will you embark on a journey to the new world or stay on Earth trying to revive it to its former glory?

Earth is a beautiful blue marble floating peacefully in space. Our Earth has been a home of our ancestors and a provider of food, shelter, water and all requirements for life to thrive.


But on a closer look, our Earth, our home is dying. Everyday we produce tons of wastes, vehicles and factories and even our homes are expelling harmful gases every single minute and are depleting the ozone layer. We take over the forest and even the shorelines for agriculture and settlements.


These are only some that contributes to a global problem that we are facing now - Climate Change.

What is Climate Change?
In a simple definition, Climate Change is the significant change in a weather condition of a certain place - say, in the Philippines the average temperature is 21°C and 32°C but due to climate change we are now experiencing hotter days specially during summer months. Climate Change is here right now.

What can we do to help heal Mother Earth?
This global problem can be solved in some simple ways by starting at home. Simple steps such as segregation of garbage, recycling and proper waste disposal. Our team simply takes the challenge to a higher level by reforestation of mangrove plants.



Mangroves are known to be the best absorber of carbon dioxide than the Amazon rainforest - this ability of mangroves alone is one of the keys in preventing Climate Change.



Aside from this, mangroves also support biodiversity being a refuge for several species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians.


This can help to maintain the food security and livelihood of fisher folks.

To conclude, Climate Change is scary. Let us act now in our own simple ways to Help Heal Mother Earth.

I would like to express my gratitude to @anroja and MOD of this community for creating this wonderful community.
And to all steemcurators thank you for your kindness and I hope you will support me in this block chain.

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