My Town 10 Pics - Pidie Jaya (Aceh), Indonesia (28 February 2021).

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Today i tried to shoot 10 pictures in my village, finally i found this one:


Al-Istiqamah Mosque

This mosque is located in front of the Banda Aceh - Medan road in the city of Ulee Glee, this mosque is very busy to visit during prayer times, especially on Islamic holidays.


Ulee Glee Market Junctio

This is the Banda Aceh - Medan road which is located at Ulee Glee, Bandar Dua sub-district, this road can go in several directions to enter the community area.



MTsN 1 Pidie Jaya is located in Meunasah Baroh Village, Bandar Dua District, Pidie Jaya Regency, this school is the oldest school here and until now there are so many students there that it's no wonder they have many trophies every year in participating in competitions.


One of the Rice Fields in Bandar Dua

Some farmers are planting rice in this area, some other places have finished planting rice, while in this place there are still some farmers who have not finished planting rice.


Taqwa Jangkabuya Mosque

This mosque is located in front of Jangkabuya street near the market, if Friday the mosque is filled with people there.


Jangkabuya Crossing

The intersection of Jalan Jangkabuya is very crowded with residents visiting in the afternoon, especially during the fasting month, almost all residents go there because there are many types of food available there.


Baitul Ikhlas Mosque

The Baitul Ikhlas Mosque is located beside the railway, this mosque is active during the 5 daily prayer times.


Kedai Parek Bridge

The Kedai Parek Bridge has just been built, this bridge used to be made of wood. Because it was damaged, this bridge was rebuilt with large iron.


Masjid Al-Ikhlas

The Al-Ikhlas Mosque is located in Ulim Subdistrict, Pidie Jaya Regency, as usual this mosque is also very busy being visited by the community during Friday prayer times.


Kuta Simpang Mosque

Kuta Simpang Mosque is located in Meurah Dua Subdistrict, Pidie Jaya Regency, as usual this mosque is also very busy being visited by the community during Friday prayer times and Islamic holidays.

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📷 PicturePhotography
ModelGalaxi A7
Camera usedMobile
LocationPidie Jaya

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Minggu, 28 February 2021

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