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From a series of @steem.amal activities that we carried out in North Aceh Regency, a few days ago we brought back a smile for them, a smile to get back up from adversity due to the disaster they experienced. My team and I consisting of @sofian88 and several other volunteers such as @husaini and @hoesaid headed to the location for an initial survey of house construction which coincided in Nibong Village, Syamtalira Bayu District, North Aceh Regency.
It was a sad sight to see their condition after the collapse of the house they lived in. Armed with donations from steemit users who donated some of their assets, we went there to conduct an initial survey as a form of response to the disaster they experienced.
As Health Support, I see the importance of fulfilling their basic needs in the form of a decent place to live, this is not easy to realize considering @steem.amal's cash is already in deficit, but we need a helping hand from all parties to help them realize their dreams. From a health perspective, temporarily occupied houses with makeshift walls with a few boards, without windows and doors, will affect their health. Not to mention the location of the house occupied is classified as an area prone to flooding and puddles.
All kinds of diseases due to environmental factors will easily attack them, malaria or dengue fever can infect the family. But this is the reality they have to face even though it is very bitter, for that let's share by donating some of the assets we have.
During the survey, it was not appropriate to rehabilitate temporarily occupied houses, considering that wood-based construction is no longer suitable for use, it is necessary to build new houses to address this, but this is not an easy job. That night, through an internal meeting with the program manager, finally decided to provide permanent housing assistance as posted on the @klen.civil or @el-nailul blogs.
Each user can provide support by sharing rewards with the hashtags steemamal25pc steemamal50pc steemamal75pc or steemamal100pc. Donations can also be sent directly by transferring directly to @steem.amal, it can be in the form of SBD, STEEM or TRX.

Here are some pictures of visits which are Property of @steem.amal



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Thank you for the help and encouragement from all steemians friends, hopefully the help received can bring a smile to them to stay strong through the disaster.


Best Regard,


Health Support Team @steem.amal Program

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