Having Dinner at Ayam Presto Cabe Hijo Restaurant

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A few weeks ago, my wife, my kids and I went to Medan City. We traveled from Gayo Highlands to Medan City for nine hours by car. We left in the morning. The trip, which should have only been nine hours, was delayed by eleven hours since we stopped in several towns. First stop was in Lhokseumawe for lunch, then in Langsa to take a short break while drinking a cup of coffee at a coffee shop there. In the evening, we stopped again in Tanjung Pura Town. We enjoyed dinner at Ayam Presto Cabe Hijo Restaurant.


It was the first time we enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant. I saw the restaurant inconspicuously while driving our car. I asked my wife if we stopped at the restaurant. My wife agreed for us to stop there. I saw this restaurant is very cool, with good lighting with a stunning exterior design. We finally visited Ayam Presto Cabe Hijo. There are some gazebos at the yard of the restaurant.


I immediately parked the car in the restaurant yard. At that time there were only a few visitors enjoying their dinner, they take their seats inside and outside. After parking the car, we walked into the restaurant and took our table in the largest room of the restaurant. The table is number 1.


We took our table in the largest room of the restaurant. The table is number 1. It’s a nice place to have lunch or dinner. We ordered fried chicken with green chili condiment and fried fish with green chili condiment and some orange juices for our drinks.


My daughter just perused the menu list. She liked to find ice cream. Unfortunately, the restaurant does not include ice cream in their menu book. They do not sell ice cream.


We just wait for about twenty minutes to have our meals served on our table. It’s really a quick service. I love it since we needed time to resume our trip to Medan. It’s still about 2 hours more to reach Medan City.


The fried chickens and fried fishes we ordered seemed really good and delicious. They were placed on plates with banana leaves as their base. It really seemed very tasty. The green chili condiment also looked very fresh, tempting and appetizing.


The chickens and fishes are well fried. I like that. They would be more crispy when they are fried will. Some local and traditional ingredients are also included when they were fried.


The chickens and fried fishes are also served with cucumber and basil leaves. These two ingredients also add to our appetite. I confess that Ayam Presto Cabe Hijo Restaurant is a good option for having lunch or dinner when we traveled from Aceh to Medan. It’s a perfect rest area. If we would like to have a seat at gazebo, it’s also a perfect place to have it with friends or family.


After finishing my meal, I just went out to see their kitchen. The kitchen is located outside the main building. It’s a half opened kitchen. We may look inside the kitchen and witness the chef cooking.


Before leaving the restaurant for resuming our trip to Medan. I took some pictures of my family at a photo spot in front of the restaurant.


It’s nice spot with a good lighting and it’s also a good chance for the restaurant to have promotion as there is a sign shows the restaurant name “Ayam Presto Cabe Hijo”.


I am thinking to have dinner or lunch again here when we travel to Medan City again in the future. Bon appetite!

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