Laut Tawar Lake

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I am really grateful to live in Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province, Indonesia since I may enjoy the beauty of Lake Laut Tawar everyday. Lake Laut Tawar is one of wonderful lake in Indonesia.

The lake is so huge with the extent is approximately 5,472 hectares, a length of 17 km and a width of 3.219 km. The volume of water is approximately 2,537,483,884 m³ (2.5 billion liters).Source So, we are so happy to have this beautiful lake located in our home.

A few days ago, I drove to surround the lake. I started driving from east part of Takengon Town, and finished at the western part of the town. It took about two hour to surround the lake.


I took an entrance at Asir Asir Village through a bridge, the keep driving on the road at the bank of village. I shot many pictures, and I would love to share them here.

After passing the bridge, I found a great view to show Takengon Town from a bit above. Takengon Town is located by Lake Laut Tawar. The sky was so clear, so blue, and it was really an amazing view around me. I decided to park my car and started to shot some pictures.



The water of this river is from mountains and flow to the lake.


After taking some picture, I kept driving heading to “One-One Village”.


Arriving at an area close to Renggali Hotel, I parked again my car on the side of road and taking some other pictures.

There such an amazing view showing a hill and the lake. Some pine trees are growing on the hill.


This picture shows the houses at “One-One Village”. The village is located just on the bank of Lake Laut Tawar. The color of reflection on the water is different to some parts of lake.




Then I continued driving to pass “One-One Village”, heading to Bintang Subdistrict, but sometime I was parking my car again to enjoy the beauty of the lake.


We arrived at another village. It’s really a great view to shot.


After driving for about one hour and a half, finally we arrived at Bintang Subdistrict of Central Aceh District in Gayo Highland.

There is a well-known beach here, named “Menye Beach”. We stopped by there, to take break while enjoying the great view of the lake. My son took these pictures for us.




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