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Hello lovely friends!

I am so amaze to see digital arts which create by @xpilar. Not just an art digital, but also make our thought work. We can interpret, make a strory or other creativity.
If you want to try make ones please this post first


After passing through an inlet in the Halam River, the boat prepared to pass through a narrow path to the wide ocean. This gap is one gap that can destroy any boat that crosses it. The currents are quite swift with corals on the right and right and the shallow waters can make the boat leak and get damaged before it reaches the sea.
This time Radya immediately prepared himself. He saw that there was a good opportunity to escape from the clamp of the coral in the narrow gap at the end of this river.
"Don't be careless. We must be aware of the collision of rocks on the right and left. We also have to be able to choose sufficient waters so that the boat does not run aground," Radya told Marlim.
Marlim knew very well what he had to prepare. When the engine started, he immediately grabbed the pole to keep the boat going well. Do not be too late to move the pole so that the boat does not run aground or collide with the reef.
Radya immediately advanced to the front end of the boat while holding the oar. This wooden paddle is very strong and has led Radya to explore many places. Together with Marlim, he always explores the waters which are rarely done by others.
"Aim straight then throw left!" shouted the radio.
Marlin immediately carried out the boat captain's orders. He realized that so far his radio had taught him a lot to conquer the currents of both rivers and seas.
The flow of Halam River is quite swift even though it is already on the edge of the sea. This happened because the current of the Halam River when it was about to empty it still had to pass through quite steep rapids. Even though the rapids were only ten meters tall and the water fell into the sea.
As they approached the gully Radya and Marlim immediately got ready. They have started to take into account the collision with the reef on the right or left side and the possibility that the bottom of the boat will get caught in the rocks so that the boat will leak and be damaged. Marlim immediately looked towards a deeper stream. Radya is very careful to pay attention to the right and left side of the boat.
"Watch the left!" he shouted as he paddled the boat to make it more balanced. The boat made it through the rock at the shallow riverbed. However, it was still not finished. They still have to face the heavy rapids and are 10 meters high. From their experiences so far, Marlim knows Radya's desire to go through the rapids carefully.
"On the count of three we will float!" Said Radya.
Marlim already understood what he meant. He immediately put the pole in the boat and held on tight.
Radya counts from one to three. At the count of the three the boat had reached the end of the cliff which had rapids and even a waterfall.
Floating boat. Marlim and Radya felt a floating sensation like riding a roller coaster.
When the boat landed in the sea the water was crashing so hard. Marlim and Radya made it through the narrow gap in the Halam River. They immediately checked the condition of the boat and found that there was no significant damage. They can get through the challenges of nature by jumping on a boat.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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