ACT OF KINDNESS|| Hope for the Homeless: Sharing a Blessing from Steemit

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Maayung adlaw natong tanan Steemians miloves from Cebu, Philippines!

Steemit blessed me in so many ways. I acquainted a lot of new friends through Steemit community. I participated in outreach activities initiated by my fellow Steemian friends and I go outside my comfort zone when I started to publish blogs to Steemit communities. I am financially blessed too when my blogs were noticed by curators and now this is my chance to share my blessings.


It is typical to see several homeless people around the streets of Cebu City, Philippines. Seeing their situation always got me asking myself "Have they already eaten?", "What if it rains so hard, where would they go to keep themselves warm and dry?", "Will someone take care of them if they get sick?".


Instead of trying to answer these questions in my head, I think the best step is to start an act to somehow ease the difficulty these people are suffering. They maybe homeless but they too are people that has their own stories to tell. They too has basic needs that unfortunately most of the times they cannot provide for themselves. Basic needs like food and water that are very easy for us to acquire but or them it means digging up several trash cans with a hope to see a half eaten bread or slightly spoiled foods in a pack. Driving around Cebu City, I happen to come across several homeless people.


They are nice people and even help me park my car in front of a convenience store. They do not ask anything from me in return of helping me park my car but I bought them some hotdog in a bun and bottles of water.



I hope it somehow quenched their thirst and minimize their hunger.





I hope the government will turn an eye to them and help them start a new life. I hope more people and Steemians can allocate a little of their time providing random homeless people food and water. It may not that much of us but maybe for them, it is what they need to survive the day.

Best regards to @nazarul @el-nailul @steem.amal @steem.sea @steemseacurator @anroja @radjasalman and @muzack1. Thank you so much for the better life program and for the inspiration you have brought to everyone helping one another. And grateful for the endless support of all steemcurators of this block chain.

Spread the LOVE and be a BLESSING!


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I love to see what you have done. It is something incredible and only one word to explain this: "Wonderful" actions. I will contribute something within 20 minutes from now @traderpaw

I would like to thank you on behalf of SteemSEA and steem.amal for your action

Best Regard


Thank you for your word @el-nailul, all the glory to our almighty creator.

 22 days ago (edited)

you are doing a good thing. you can see the wallet. hope to help them in the Philippines.

Thank you @nazarul, hoping this little action of mine inspires more steemians to do the same

 22 days ago 

after the internet network improves i will send it back.🙏

Not a problem @nazarul, rest assured I will be sharing more to my fellow individuals, especially the homeless and street children.

 22 days ago 

You have a good heart, God will see you with love.🙏❤️❤️

Hi @nazarul, I have received your donation. It may not be that much, but like @el-nailul, it will make a difference. I will keep you posted both regarding of my next feeding activity. Daghan kaayung salamat from Philippines!

 21 days ago 

Thank you very much for your kindness

Best Regards

 21 days ago 

thank you, maybe just a small gift from me🙏🙏

 22 days ago 

Terima kasih atas kebaikan yang telah anda perbuat, kami sangat mengapresiasi tindakan Anda.

Thank you also @anroja for inspiring us to be a blessings to our fellows, your act of kindness motivates us.

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I know 5 SBD is far from enough to help, but at least it can help more people in your place to have healthier foods. Thank you for sharing this @traderpaw. Please check your wallet

Love from stem better life Indonesia


I am overwhelmed @el-nailul, It will really help a lot. I do believe that great things start at small beginnings, thank you so much for your support. Rest assured, this blessings will be shared to those in need.

 22 days ago 

Take it easy @traderpaw, steemSEA is only for Indonesian but for all of us. Let support each and everyone as much as we can. hope your action will inspire more steemian to do more good acts for better life


Hello @el-nailul, I have received the 5 SBD, thank you for this. In this amount surely it will feed not many but significant number. I will keep you posted for my next feeding activity. 🤗

Congratulations @traderpaw for your initiative to ease the difficulty that these people are suffering.

Such a good deed!

Thank you maam @abby0207

Thank you 💕 @gilbertthegreat

@traderpaw, que buen corazón tienes, sabes que Dios conoce tu corazón y te recompensara por eso. Biblia: Proverbios 19:17 "A Jehová presta el que da al pobre,
Y el bien que ha hecho, se lo volverá a pagar.
#onepercent #venezuela

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Thanks @danstudios, all glory to God🤗

Wow! I salute you sis, maayo jud na imong gibuhat lalo pa karon na may carbonara (covid).... haha. yan lang tawag nako para dili naman masyadong morbid ba.
Bag-o palang ko diri sa steemit. Nainspire ko nimo nag create ka ug ripples para sa akoa.
I loved reading your post and the overwhelming support of our fellow stemians most specially the curators.
Tama yan, giving light to those who are in darkness.
Spreading love, blessings and kindness to all humanity.
Good job sis!

Thank you sis @aideleijoie..hopefully a lot will do the same. Not that much but at least we can ease a little of their sufferings. Keep on steeming.