👾 Dear @teamhumble it really is the simple things..

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Sitting here with my hot tea and honey, lights dim, bed made but hearing the call of the wool blankets and layered duvet situation a stone’s throw away remind me how true the phrase “it’s the simple things” can be.

If you let it.

If you allow space, if you take a moment to count your breaths, allow the thing you’re doing to be the only thing you’re doing (for a change). To eat when you’re eating, drink when you’re drinking, gaze at the person you love when you’re together… That’s what it’s all about.

Thanks to you, and the universe and the times we’ve had together I’ve had more of those moments than I ever thought possible. I really truly in my heart of hearts believed that those moments only existed in films or in those times where you’re on some sort of public transport watching the landscape fly by, with your music rattling around between your ears.

Those moments weren’t for me. Maybe I was ineligible because of the family I was born into, the spaces the places, the socioeconomic status, the beliefs built on layers of fear, I disqualified myself before I ever knew I was entered into the race.

Heck, I wasn’t even at the arena, I was at the 7-11 down the block grabbing a churro and a coffee.

And then you showed up. And you had a belt made of an ethernet cable. And the simple things became everything to me.

The moments between the moments, the soup dumplings on the sidewalk, the walks in the rain, the Sunday afternoon zombie films that are completely awful, but still make for the perfect day.

The bows of soup, the shared wifi passwords, the furious notebook filling over unlimited coffee.

When the simplest things have become my best memories, It’s hard to imagine any future where I could be unhappy as long as I was with you.

Sending you a little love to your hear’ts inbox this morning. Wether you’re feeling bright eyed bushy tailed and ready to take on the day or you’re dragging feet that feel like they’re made of cement blocks, You’re here, and you’ve got another day on this blue planet.

I’m here and I love you. What else is there?

Have a lovely morning Mouse, I’ll see you shortly.

<3 Dayle

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