I just found this community and am super excited about it!

in Filmmakers9 months ago (edited)

Hi there!

I was browsing through the Steem Reddit and stumbled on @distantsignal ‘s post promoting this new community. This makes me want to start posting on Steemit again like I used to (I’ve been mainly reading for the past year or so now)!

If this community keeps growing, it would be interesting to create other ones based on craft: cinematography, coloring, sound, editing, production design etc.

I personally work as a cinematographer, set electric and AC in New York City. I’d love to discuss craft with anyone here.

By the way, one of my favorite ressource online is the Cinematography Mailing List (https://www.cinematography.net). The discussion section is the best way to learn tricks about the craft and ask questions.

Looking forward to see more of this!

Luc Ung


Awesome! I hope you find some use in them and definitely hope you create your own. I would frequent them for sure. Was thinking of creating a vfx and special effects community as well.

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