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RE: Does resolution matter anymore? The end of the debate.

in Filmmakers10 months ago

So funny. I was just having this conversation with my friend. I recently shot a 4K project and squeezed everything into a 2K image. While I did notice more color fidelity, it was because of the RAW DNG capture more than the 4K resolution.

I will say the difference between RAW and Sony's XAVC codec is substantial. I haven't had the chance to test ProRes RAW, but I hear it renders Cinema DNG a needless format when on Final Cut Pro. I can't wait for that codec to come to Premiere.


Absolutely. Codecs and bit-depth play a much more important role in spatial fidelity than resolution. But like Steve Yedlin says, it’s much easier to summarize all the complex components that make an image look good into something as simple as the number of pixels. So that’s what we’re sold and have been force-fed for years.

I haven’t tried ProRes RAW either but it looks pretty amazing from what I read!

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