The Shard in London

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When in London visit The Shard

This is the tallest building in Western Europe and not only look good from the outside but it is amazing on the inside. You can see it from so many places around London and the way it cuts the sky is just gorgeous. A lot of times You get closer to this buildings and they don't look as beautiful as the pictures but The Shard won't disappoint You. It is a jaw dropper.

The Shard have to offer You a whole diversity of services from a shopping centre, to offices, a Hotel, restaurants and bars.

Just imagine the view over London from this place.

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The View and the prices

This correlation can be made and make all the sense. You get the best view of London so be prepared to pay the highest prices as well. But let me tell You that is well worth it to save some extra money and go there now and then.

No matter if You decide to spend a couple of nights in the Hotel, just go and have a romantic dinner or even have a cocktail in the bar You will spend a good amount of money that probably would pay for five people in any other nice place.

Access and Surroundings

Not only the building is beautiful but the whole area that surround The Shard is gorgeous and have a lot to explore. With the benefit that is also next to the Thames so either You are watching the Thames from above or just having a walk around this beauty will be there for You.
The building is very easy to access in many different ways: bus, underground, train, bicycle. And have connections with many different areas of London.

In the end I totally recommend You to visit this place if You are in London. It is well worth the money. Don't forget that You will need to book in advance.


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