Quick Visit to Westfield Stratford, London

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Westfield in Stratford, London

Here You see me and Alex having a quick break for a snack on our quick visit to the shopping centre. There were some stuff we needed for the house so we decided to head our ways there, also to not be closed inside the house 24/7.
This was the only moment we took our masks but not without using hand sanitiser. Also to sit here our temperature was checked inside the pub where we ordered.

Westfield Stratford is a huge shopping centre that is obviously slower than the usual but way more crowded than I was expecting.

Unfortunately many People are not taking any precautions. Not wearing masks, gloves or even using hand sanitiser. Some People are just going about their day like nothing have ever happened. Specially nowadays when You go to public spaces like a shopping centre, everyone should be responsible and respectful of others around them. This is my advice if You are planning to start travelling and going to places more often, please, be respectful. Because right now this situation is really going for too long.


Everything You need and in a nice Area

Here we are having a pizza 4 formaggio that looked and tasted more like a garlic bread with no garlic at all and clearly only had one cheese. Alex paid £10 for it, well overpriced for what it is. Because the day was hot and sunny we grabbed a couple of iced Pepsi.

No matter what You will be looking for I am pretty sure You will be able to find it here.

Just next to the shopping centre You have the amazing Olympic Park where You can go a walk but because we were already out for a little bit and there were too many people around we decided to do the right thing and go back home.

But in difference circumstances it is very recommended that You take the time to go for a walk in the Olympic Park. This is the Area where the last Olympic Games in London took part. That's the reason why this area have evolved so much and the whole surroundings look so beautifl.





Quick running session

Every second day we go for a running session and if You like to exercise when You visit London there are many parks everywhere where You can go for Your exercise sessions. And if by any Alien chance You don't have a park on Your area You will be able to just run on the streets and believe You won't be running alone, there are many People running all over London.

Screenshot_20200720203632_Run Tracker.jpg

IMG20200720WA0004 1.jpg

Surprise Gift

Alex loves to give me anything he can find that have Olaf in it and this day I came back home with a new and super cool coffee mug. Do You know where we got it? Westfield Stratford. I am telling You. If You want something You can find it there.



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