Discover Ukraine. Kyiv Children's Railway and Syretsky Park

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Hello, dear friends!

I invite you to a virtual promenade. Today we take a walk in a small wonderful park with a working children's railway. It was first opened in 1953 on Railroad Man Day. The first train consisted of a German steam locomotive Gr-336 and 6 wooden wagons.

The railway survived a few reconstructions, close-down and looting, and a fire. Nowadays it has 2 stations and 3,7 km in length. They also have Southwest Railway History Museum.

I captured these photos just recently, that's why it is empty and closed for quarantine. But one day it will invite its little passengers again!


Kyiv Children's Railway

Syretsky Park, Park-Syretska str., 4.
6,5 km from Kyiv Central Railway station.
Can be reached by metro, tram or a bus.

380 44 458 4834

Adults - 100 UAH
Children - 50 UAH
Children under 3 y.o. - free
Museum ticket - 20 UAH

Other features:
An electronic ticket
Free WiFi


Since June 1, 2019, after a large-scale reconstruction, the Kyiv Children's Railway has opened for passengers again. It was the 66th season since it was constructed.

Railway has become a worldwide record holder with a copy of an existing train station that is not available on other children's railways. Kyiv-Passenger Children's Station is a mini-copy of the capital's central train station building.

At the main entrance, the ancient locomotive on a granite pedestal greets visitors of the park.


The park looks very modern and comfortable. There are safe pedestrian crossing and a new railway crossing. On the way of the train, you will go through "regions" of Ukraine and see 27 information stelas about cities. During the 30-minute journey the train the viaduct over the ravine at a height of 19.6 meters. It is 100 meters long. The whole route 5,6 km.


In comfortable train carriages, all the service for you and your kids is provided by young trainers under the supervision of instructors.


If you plan your visit on a public holiday, you will catch up with the legendary steam locomotive GR 332, a pride of Ukrainian Southwestern Railways. The one that performed the very first journey of children's railway. The interesting fact: German reparation stands for "German reparation". A narrow-gauge steam locomotive delivered to the USSR after World War II from Germany. The most powerful narrow-gauge locomotive in the USSR. There were 417 of them in total.


After an exciting ride, you can walk and play with your kids in the park. There is a children's playground, lounge zone for parents, cafe and toilets. Everything for spending a wonderful day.


Usually, the railway is closed for the winter season. But in December 2019 they decided to open it again for Christmas time. Now, of course, it is closed because of quarantine.



Finally, I'd like to put here some historical photos of the trains from different periods of its history (source):

1950s (with GR 336 at the pic)1960s
1990s2000s (with GR 336 again)


Thank you for taking the time and reading my story

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Stay tuned,


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