Steem Challenge Contest || Share Your Best 3 Photography pictures || Week-1 || 20 Steem Prize

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First of all, greetings from me to all my friends. Hope you are all well. Today, for the first time, I am starting a contest. And I invite all your steemchallenge friends to take part in this contest. You go to the contest

As you all know friends, this is an age when everyone has a good smartphone. Every servant makes some kind of picture. I thought you would check out all your friends' art today. I talked about three types of photography in today's contest.

You only need to post three photography First the sunrisephotography then the sunsetphotography and finally the photography of the flowers.

Write at least 300 words together


Follow the Rules

1 First of all, your photography should be your own. Photographs stolen from anywhere will not be accepted
2 Write at least 300 words about photography
3 Share only best 3 Photography pictures & Entry through Steem Challenge Community
4 Invite three of your friends to take part in this contest
5 Forward share this link reblog it
6 Share the link to your entry in the comment section for approval your entry
7 Use the tags #sunsetphotography #sunrisephotography #steemexclusive and #flowersphotography

Use the Title

8 Share Your Best 3 Photography pictures || STEEM CHALLENGE, Contest Week-01 ||
9 The competition is open to everyone and one entry for one person
10 Make Sure your entry before the Payout of the contest post
11 The Winner will be announced after or on 26 June 2021.

Prize Pool

1st price6steem
2nd price4steem
3rd price3steem
4rth price3steem
5th price2steem
6th price2steem

Share your feelings about photography and location with your best 3 Photography
I am very thankful for drear brother @yousafharoonkhan
My Thanks to Steem Challenge Community Team @yousafharoonkhan, @jessica566, @jlufer and @janemorane for cooperation.

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hi @haseeb-asif-khan

your this post has been selected for victory reward RESULT-Steem Challenge Contest || Week-5 || 20 Steem Distribute
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Thanks dear brother @yousafharoonkhan

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Thank you so much and congratulations haseeb brother.

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Thank for arranging photography contest.
Here is my entry, although its late but important to participate in this contest.

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Entry number -3

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Sure brother best of luck

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Nice post for an excellent computation.

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allah ap ko is mission min kamiab kry

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