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I @jessica566 have come up with a great contest for all of you. This is my first contest, as moderator steem Challenge community. This 7 days color challenge will continue for a month, and the winners will be announced every Tuesday.

The goal of the 7 Days Color challenge is to fill the steemit blockchain with beautiful colors like a rainbow. The rules of this contest are very simple. In the 7 days color challenge, one color will be assigned from each day, and on that day you have to share the post according to that color.

You can share a picture or product of any thing according to the color of the day, for example animal, fruit, picture, drawing, art, flower, food, anything you can share. According to the color of the day.

General rule

Every Users participating in this 7 days steemit color challenge will be encouraged, and the steem challenge team will reward the best post each day as a steem reward and add it to the best post of the day, For the daily prize, it is important ,necessary that all participating users participate in the contest seven days a day so that they are eligible for the best prize at the end of the week.

7 Days Steemit Color Challenge list

  • Sunday : Red color
  • Monday : Green color
  • Tuesday : Blue color day
  • Wednesday : White color day
  • Thursday : Purple color day
  • Friday : Yellow color day
  • Saturday : Black color day

Rules 7 Day Steemit Color Challenge

  • Important All contest posts should be posted in the community steem challenge .

  • subcribe steem challenge and write one comments under any post of the community

  • Your post must be original.

  • At least 50 words minimum about images.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • Invite at least three of your friends to the contest.your friend should take participate ,

  • Share at least three images in which the color attributed to that day is prominent, the content in the image or entry must be new, and already repost entries will not be accepted.

  • Leave a link to your participation in the comments of this post.

  • Any Language is welcome.

  • Add tags #steemitcolorchallenge #seven7days-scc #steemit-colorchallenge #steemchallenge #yourcountry and #steemexclusive in your contest posts.
    Do tag me in your posts @jessica566
    @yousafharoonkhan so that i can easily find your post.

7 Days Reward Pool

1st Place - 10 Steem
2nd place - 6 Steem
3rd Place - 6 Steem
4th Place - 6 Steem
5th Place - 6 Steem
6th place - 6 Steem
7th place - 5 Steem

week 1 Duration : August 27, 2021 to Sep 3,2021

The steem challenge community team will now continue the various contests.Special Request to @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog we want your support on this contests series as this contest will run in a series and our purpose is to increase the engagement of the people in the community.
Special mentions to @disconnect @pennsif , my great sir @yousafharoonkhan thank for supporting to conduct this contest.



 3 months ago 

Bhot achi posting ki hy contest k Healy sy

 3 months ago 

It is a very contest and all the members should take part in it

 3 months ago 

it is one of the best contest, soon more contest we will arrange for community,, boom boom steemit , steem on @jessica566

 3 months ago 

Wow! Really amazing and interesting Contest,
Best of luck with your great contest Friend!

i'll take participate , i love playing with colors

Monday : Green color
Tuesday : Blue color day
Wednesday : White color day

Aj tu yellow colour day hy naaa mtlb 7 din likhna hy 7 colrs k sth koi bhi topic

 3 months ago 

Mash Allah good post I appreciate your hard working

I like your post your post very good

 3 months ago 

Mashalllah great Contest i like it

 3 months ago 

wao i ll take participating aj tu black klr day h mn bhi aj sy start kro gy

 3 months ago 

A very challenging contest.evry one should take part in it.best of luck.

Brelent opportunity sir great working on steemit crypto

 3 months ago 

Super fantastic posting continue it

Great contest I appreciate your posting

Thanks for this

 3 months ago 

Wow! Really amazing and interesting Contest,
Best of luck with your great contest Friend!

Wow this is a very colorful contest. I love it & will join too 😍 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Competition ka result kb aye ga due date tu end ho gai hy

Kisi ny participate bhi nh kia jihnu ny kia hy un logu ko tu winner accounce krain

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