"Cleanliness is half the faith".

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Assalam Alaikum friends hope you are well and happy in your blessed life. Today i want to talk about cleanliness which is very important in our lives. Its is need of the hour to act upon it as a true Muslim and Pakistani. As we all know our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said that "Cleanliness is half the faith". Every Muslim must have been acquainted with this phrase at some point in his life. As Muslims, half of our faith is clean, so why do we all deliberately turn a blind eye to it in practical life? Why do we consider only one community to be responsible in these matters? Or they drop the rubble on the government. And we think we've paid our dues. Rather, it is tantamount to turning a blind eye to reality. As a nation, it is the responsibility of all of us to keep our surroundings clean. The common observation is that instead of throwing our share of rubbish in the trash, we turn it over to our neighbors, and fortunately we don't even consider it a defect. This should be a moment of reflection for all of us. Similarly you will agree with me that most of the bins will be empty inside but there will be a pile of dirt around this bins. The simplest and easiest way for us to get rid of garbage is to throw it in the nearest sewer or big drain. In the rainy season, when the drainage is not done, instead of peeking into our own collars, we blame the government agencies. Rottenness spreads due to one's mistakes which gives rise to various diseases. Most illnesses can be attributed to a lack of hygiene. Individually, we all show recklessness somewhere, whether it is peanuts or peel of a fruit or no matter how expensive we are sitting in a car on the road, we consider it our right to throw shoppers outside. At the same time, what we think of the washrooms in public places comes to mind. These are some of the social attitudes that human beings, Muslims, as parents, teachers, charities, market officials and especially the government should play their role. Just as we consider it necessary to keep our home clean, so let us recognize our country as a home. It is difficult to get the desired results unless we acknowledge this. Encourage your children to clean up from primary school. Cleaning institutions, in collaboration with all educational institutions, can create a mechanism to observe a weekly cleaning day. The cooperation of charities and local people should also be sought in this. This process must be done on a permanent basis, not for a specific period. If we manage to run it at the grass root level, it will have far-reaching consequences. The test is that if the state of Madinah is to be established in the true sense of the word, then this blessed hadith must be followed with full vigor, that cleanliness is half faith.

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 5 months ago 

Absolute cleanliness is half the battle of faith.
We are far behind in this regard.
We must take special care of cleanliness

 5 months ago 

Yes we must take care of cleanliness to become a civilized nation.

 5 months ago 

A detailed and informative post you posted.i liked your post and red it whole heartedly.

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Very well written poetry you are working very hard

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much for appriciation.

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