Mutual Power and Mutual Cooperation:

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Hello steemian, Hope you are well. Today i am going to discuss Mutual cooperation. A closer look reveals that the entire universe operates on the principle of mutual cooperation. Nature sings plants in the earth. Clouds come and give water. The sun gives energy to plants and destroys harmful insects and germs.This is how the moon performs its duty. All the celestial bodies are doing their duty. If any of these things get lost or stop working, the whole system will fall apart. There is such a connection between them that if one of them fails, the whole universe will be destroyed. Human are an important part of this universe. Allah willing, if this part disappears from the face of the earth, then this system will become useless because human are really benefiting from it. The lesson we learn from this system of Allah is that we should live in unity and harmony and maintain this system of civilization with the help of others.


The sun, the moon, the air, the water and the earth are seen teaching us to organize and carry out our duties regularly. Ants perform their duties with great organization. If an object or grain weighs and cannot be lifted by an ant, two or three ants carry it together. If there is a risk of rain and water, all the ants will start takiy out eggs and baby. It does not show who owns the egg and the baby, but indiscriminately all the ants began to deliver the eggs and baby to a safe place. All these provide a lesson to human. Of course, dogs will fight each other, but if a beast such as a lion, wolf or bear enters them, they will end all quarrels and all their differences to fight the dog. There is a great lesson in this for man. The eyes, the ears, the heart, the liver, the kidneys are all working together and if they continue to perform their duty regularly, then man works. This means that every member of the society should perform his duty regularly. It becomes clear who is the founder of mutual cooperation. Obviously, it is Allah Almighty. In which the whole system of mutual aid is based on the method. Then, even within man, he has established the spirit of mutual cooperation.


Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) was the first human being to present mutual aid to the world through his preaching and action. In Islam, all Muslims are brothers. On the same principle, people of all colors and races were united into one community. Mutual cooperation also did not discriminate on the basis of color, race or tribe. The practical lesson of equality has been given in prayers. There is no distinction between rich and poor, king and begger. This is the principle of mutual cooperation. Everything is done im islam by the opinion of the people. The choice of caliph and emir depends on public opinion.


The Holy Qur'an begins by saying that it is a guidance for the pious. That is, those who abstain from evils and adopt good deeds. This is the principle of mutual cooperation. Those who abide by the rules and regulations will succeed and those who violate them will fail.

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Super fantastic posting dear brother continue it

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Thank you so much dear.

You have written a very good post, you are working very hard Masha Allah

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Thank you so much brother

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Mashallah. Good working

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