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Hi friends how are you. Hope you are doing great. Today i want to talk about National Unity. We should think about as a proud Pakistani and act as a on nation. It is compulsory to survive in this world and our prosperity.
Dear friends our race is one. That is, we are Muslims. All our major languages ​​belong to the same origin. They are influenced by Arabic and Persian which are due to Islamic civilization. Our common history begins with the invasion of Muhammad bin Qasim. Our past traditions call us a nation. We should show our ideological and nationalism to the world. To us, our homeland is as sacred as a mosque. These things do not teach patriotism but the Islamic system teaches it. We are a nation as Muslims but the non-Muslim who came to our homeland became one of us. This is what our religion teaches us. We are responsible for its rights. We are tolerant of respect for his religion and above all we call him a Pakistani. When individuals become a nation, coming to this level, neither the population of an area nor the natural resources are taken care of, but the real problem is the welfare of every individual in every area of ​​this country.
In the same way, when we are Pakistanis, we should not think that the one province of pakistan has taken more rights and the other has taken less. It's like a children's fight. Living in a house like this doesn't make us happy. We have to take our thoughts and ideas to a higher level. We have to think as Pakistanis. Pakistan is our heritage, we have to cultivate it together. If the spirit of cooperation is truly rife in our hearts, then we should be proud to be called Pakistani instead of being called Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and Pathan. At the same time, our actions should be such that non-Muslims can understand that we are Pakistanis.


In past, there was a struggle for independence and today there is a struggle for nation building. We have to become a nation again. We have to rectify the deliberate and unintentional mistakes and omissions in the country till date. If we look at the journey since independence, it seems that we are not going forward, we are going backwards. Allah Almighty has enriched Pakistan with resources but instead of using them we have kept the country mired in debt. The political and governmental leaders of the country have to think about why we have not been able to achieve the goals for which the Muslims of the subcontinent have struggled for a long time. If we are still determined to achieve self-reliance, then the destiny of the nation and the country can be changed by utilizing the resources that nature has given us.

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Excellent posting continue it

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Thank you dear. I will try to continue it.

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Very nice diary report

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Thank you janab

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Theme of the article is very important.

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Every one of your posts is great. I really like your post

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Thank you for your kind words.

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A very useful and essential article you have written here.i liked your post.

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