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Hello Steemians

Thanks to @melinda010100 for the excellent #featheredfriends

Northern Cardinal
They usually feed on or near the ground, but sing or preen
on a higher branch.
Urbanisation has benefited the Cardinal, and it's population...


has increased since the 60's .
Anyone who has a backyard feeder would be very familiar
with this male bird, and was the first bird I learned to identify as


a youngster.


Thank you to Cornell Lab or Ornithology for the map.



Fantastic photos! I am so glad Cardinals live in my part of the world! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriends! !Tip

Thanks, they are a cooperative bird to photo... they do brighten up Winter for sure..

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Thank you @melinda010100 your always so generous!! I guess we can post our bird pics any day now not just on Fri??

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