The value of the Relationship

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How important a person is to you is not the main issue. It is evaluating someone from your personal thoughts, or thinking very close to you. In fact, how important, how valuable, how much respect you get from someone? If your thoughts If someone thinks you are an important person, remembers you, then you can continue your important thing. But to force someone to respect you, to ask for love, to beg for a little time, to beg, to force you at all. You can't become an important person. No one could!

Completely unseen, unfamiliar people are also very close people at one time, Roy merges with the soul. On the other hand, very close people also become very distant. Just because there is no similarity of feelings. In motion, in keeping with the desires of our minds.

Relationships don't take much time to develop and break up nowadays. But one side is taking someone very close with all its feelings, trying to get close with its own thoughts. They don't want to take you as their own, they don't care about you, they don't want to be with you, but these personal thoughts are completely unreasonable for you.

So have time to understand yourself, control your conscience. The right people, and expect your importance in the right place. There is no need to give up your honor in vain.

✍️ Alvin Wales


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