The good heart of innocent people in a relationship

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Hello steemit members and friends, good afternoon to you i believe we are all doing well by the grace of Almighty God. Am here again with a motivational concern entitled The good heart of innocent people in a relationship.

The good heart of innocent people in a relationship are people who are really fighting within their own self just to have a real and a trueful partern in their life.

This has been a major problems coursing more relationships breakup in this our modern generation in which we find our selves in in our societies of this generation because people with a good heart and searching for good love ending up becoming victims and falling into traps of bronking hearted and tend to become wicker in relationship, is due to an experienced that person might have pass through in his or her parts relationship.

People who are good hearted and searching for love are always truthful in their relationship but because their partners are not faithful and not been truthful to the opposite sexy they get hurt because of who good they are in the relationship but their partners taking them gor granted are always the most painful part in a relationship.

Good hearted people will always do what ever that will make the opposite parterner happy by helping in contributing in both social and economical with strong and good effort to build the parterner and when the other sexy parterner start trespassing towards the good one in the relationship it kills the spirit and it course alot to the good hearted person in the relationship.

Some parterners come into good people life and make them miserable by using their resources and after then they go away and this course alot of thinking and some times lead to killing them selves. This happens when the good hearted person is fostrited, does know the left and right way forward to his or her life.

With all these said above, is talking about how good hearted people changes their lifes towards relationship to intend to treat others the same way when they go through a stressful relationship but it is not all those who go though that stressful relationship change to be come wicker and treat other people badly.
Thank you all and lets try to be good parterners in our relationship.

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