The inspirational, courageous of life

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Growing up us a young person in life, choosing the ways in which you look up to become in life. The journey of life is not always easy but keeping your hope and faith in power and strong to keep you moving no matter how hard the road to the success land is tought. Every stage of your life there is ups and downs that might have strick you down but you have to inspire and encourage yourself to raise up to defeat those challenges your facing.

As a young person growing up, you realized that your family is the most courageous people in your life contributing ideas of life to help push you to your success stage thus you might have an ideas of plans for your self but you see a listening ears have more ideas. Your gamily ideas,thoughts lessons encourages you to build up your self in life. They do things to you which will empower you to have faith smd hope in what ever you plan to fo in life.

The most influential and courageous stage in life are your peers, they are those you joke and play with at any time. This stage you will have two group of people bad and good and for that matter you have to be carefull on who influence and encourages you to do centain things. The bad once will come to persuade you not in a good way but to destroy your courage of practicing a good life but the good people in this state help strengthen you and encourage you to do more of what will make you achieve your aims in life.

In this stage, people learn and practice the life of others, which inspire them and encourage them more towads their life. Looking at how others live their lifes in an organization and get encourage to work hard in order to be like them is a courage of leadership skills or working mate motivation.
The courageous life of the world


Please do well to cite your source of images in other to get more up-votes. we're all learning anyway.

Ok i will thank you

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