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I greet you all wonderful people in this great platform. I want to use this great opportunity to say you are special👌🏼 also to share this motivational write-up - the wise man is like the sky.




Sky means pure space.
Do you know that: You are spitting on your own face. When you spit against the sky, the sky is not going to be corrupted by you. You will be corrupted by your own spitting. The spit is going to fall on you. Your whole effort is absurd.

And that is why I say, spitting against the sky is foolish? Why? -- because the sky is not there. If the sky is there your spit may corrupt it.

You may spit against the wall - it will not come back to you. You spit against the roof -- if you are expert it may not come back. You can practise it.

There is no necessity that it will come back, because the roof is there; it can be corrupted. That which is can be corrupted, that which is not cannot be corrupted.

The wise man is not, his ego has disappeared. He is not a substance, he is just pure space. You can pass through him, you can spit through him, and there is no hindrance. The spit will pass through him, he will not catch hold of it.

If you insult a wise soul, your insult is not taken by him/her. It is as if, in an empty room, you are insulting. Yes, you will create a sound, that's all. When the sound has disappeared the room is again the same. The room will not carry your insult, the room is empty. The wise soul is empty like the sky.

The wise soul has no ego. The wise is here but not here. The body is here but the mind is above, beyond.. The soul is not there, he is a pure presence, no material in him. You can pass through him. There will be no obstruction found in him, no hindrance found in him.

Friends let's be like the sky for is untouchable.
Thank you for reading my write-up, have a wonderful time.