Hospital Bills Fund Raising Initiated by @the-gorilla and Supported by Fellow Steemians

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Life is never meant to walk alone. We always have a support around us. We just have to pray and seek the goodness of the day.


Today is the 7th day the baby is being admitted in the hospital. She's out from NICU and we are now able to stay with her the whole time. My wife @georgie84 and I are happy that we could be with our child.

As we pray everyday for the health of our newborn baby, we also include miracles for our hospital bills as it is increasing every day plus the caesarean section my wife had last May 22.


God is always a listening God and He hears our prayers by sending us one of our fellow steemians @the-gorilla initiated the fund raising to help us.

This motivates us a lot to have a positive outlook in life and that in this platform, steemit, we have a distant family who cares for us.


Below is the post @the-gorilla made to help us with our needs. To support us, kindly upvote, share and in any means you can do to give some help.

Some fellow steemians sent their help by sending us sbd. Our hearts, that includes our family are full of joy that we received a lot of help in our community.






The baby is more responsive and and drinks milk well compared the first day we're here. She's not in antibiotic cream anymore for her right eye infection and her skin color is back to normal.

Her last antibiotics will end today at 6pm and other will be at 12 midnight. Hopefully we could go home soon so we could get fresh air and be with family.

May God Bless You All and The Desires of Your Good Heart.

Love, theShenks



You have such quite an adorable little one. She'll surely grow to be a fine beautiful lady. How I wish I can do more than resteem this post. You both have work hard in this platform and helped many people in need. Goodness will surely come back to you.

Thank you for kind words Ma'am. Prayers for the baby and the family helps a lot. God bless you!❤️

You're most welcome! 😊

God bless you li'l angel Evangeline. God bless your family sir @steemitcebu and mam @georgie84. You are in my prayers. Take care 🧡

Eva's already smiling 🙂 Beaufitul.

She's smiling because we can go home tomorrow!☺️ That's what her doctor told us this afternoon when she finish the antibiotics tonight.

That's great news - you must be so excited.

We are very excited. Hopefully before sunset we will be home. Thank you for the love for Eva and a huge help for us. We appreciate you a lot.

Btw, we will use today the sbd we got from you and friends for the hospital charges. ☺️❤️

👍 You're very welcome, I'm pleased to have been able to do something to help and am grateful to everybody in the community who read, contributed, upvoted and resteemed (we had 20 resteems!) - It's given me great joy to see the community pull together like this 🙂

That makes me (family) happy as well! Thank you my friend!

What a lovely little one. Prayers for your family @steemitcebu and @georgie84. Laban lang inahan ug amahan! Amping mo always. See you soonest.

Thank you for the prayers @traderpaw

Congrats on the newborn and speedy recovery for our little steemian Evangeline 👶

Thank you for the greetings @cryptokannon❤️

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