Everyone is hustling hard

in Motivation Story8 months ago

Everyone is hustling.
We all have responsibilities.
Some of us are the breadwinners of our homes. When we tell you we don't have, we ain't lying. Forget all these things you are seeing, we are always showing up here because our source of income comes by showing up.
Sometimes no clients. Some weeks no clients. We just manage. We can't spill all here. We have shame too.

Out of what we make, we plan our lives, work towards our dreams and sometimes these dreams take a long time to achieve. Sometimes we deny ourselves sleep at night not because we are making money but just for learning purposes. Other times we deny ourselves sleep because our body systems have been programmed beyond our control to wake up and work.

This journey is not easy. We wake up every day with no assurance that we are gonna hit some cash, we question our sanity, face periods of uncertainties, lose our close friends based on being misunderstood, eat late, and sometimes nothing at all. We do all this because we know that through resilience, commitment, and consistency success is inevitable.

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