how to get the attention of the lady you like and will like to marry

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Dear Bro

This is how to get the attention of the lady you like and will like to marry.


  1. Make a little research about the lady

Go through her social media platforms, read her posts and the things she share on her wall.

It will give you a clue about her person, interests and the things she is passionate about.

Get to know a bit about her.

Education, business, career, family, fashion, gender equality, women advocacy, women empowerment etc., are all areas of interest and passion

Take note of these. Her personality, interests and passions are good areas to strike up a conversation with her.

  1. Don't start using endearment names

This is a turn off for many ladies. Be responsible. Endearment names are for those in a relationship.

You just met a lady and you have started calling her sweet sweet names. E. G Baby, Babe, Sweetheart, Darling, Angel, Angle, egbon... It's angle 90 ni...

  1. Chat her up

After you have gathered enough information about her, chat her up.

Don't enter into a lady's DM and be asking her, "Can I know your name?" "Where are you from" "Where are you chatting from" etc.

You are not serious...ask her about the names of her ancestors too.

👉DM her and be polite.

👉Exchange pleasantries

👉Introduce yourself

👉Then, bring up a conversation with her based on what you observed on her wall.

You can ask her a question

You can compliment her on what she is doing

You can encourage her

You can offer to support her in whatever capacity you can, that's if she needs any support

All these are based on what you noticed on your wall.

  1. Keep checking up on her

Don't state your mission yet

Try making her your friend.

Till and water the ground.

You don't sow a seed on fallow ground.

Be calming down small small, my friend.

👉Make it a point of duty to communicate with her frequently

👉Chat her up always, call her if she gives her contact, check up on her, how she's doing, how her day is going, what challenges she's facing and how you can be of help to ease the situation, how her day went etc.

👉Crack sensible jokes. This depends on how free she is with you. This is just to make her happy.

She will be getting the message small small.

Give her enough attention.

  1. State your mission

After you have done your homework, after you have tilled, watered and saturated the ground, plant your seed.

Depending on how she relates with you now, if she's free with you now, then ask her out. Shoot your shoot. 🎯

She may fall or she may not because she's yet to approve of you..

Continue with number 4.

These are just few ways to get a lady's attention.

Stop harrasing ladies in their DM with your manhood and endearment names!

Be responsible!

They won't teach you this in school.

Oya, come and pay your tithe.

Thank you 😊


Wow! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips. God bless you.

amazing tips ... thanks ..

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