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Today the Tamba-Sasayama Marathon was supposed to be held, but it was cancelled because of spreading of the novel coronavirus. So instead of it, I decided to hold "the Solo Tamba-Sasayama Marathon in Kobe" all by myself and run 42.195 km alone.
今日は丹波篠山マラソンが開催されるはずでしたが、新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大のため中止となりました。そこで、その代わりに、僕は「ひとり丹波篠山マラソン in 神戸」をひとりで開催し、ひとりで42.195kmを走ることにしました。

This morning I safety-pinned my number hib on my T-shirts. The number hib was supposed to use in the real Tamba-Sasayama Marathon.


The site was Harbor Walk in HAT Kobe, where I usually do running workout.


I prepared the water station by myself, too.


At 9:49 am, I started the solo race alone, although it was a little earlier than the scheduled time.

At the beginning of the race, I didn't increase the pace as much as usual real races. So I was able to run at stable pace until the middle of the race.

Looking at my number hib, some people gave a cheer for me as they passed by. But I felt so tired that I had no room to respond to them. I'd like to give thanks to them here in this article.

At around the 31-km point, I felt a little pain like a warning sign of iliotibial band inflammation at my left knee. "Oh, my gosh ! If the pain will become more serious, I won't be able to keep on running." In the race only for me, I cannot afford to drop out. After that, I kept on running just wanting to finish 42.195 km. The pace slowed down, but the time was no longer important for me,

Fortunately, the knee pain didn't become more serious and I managed to finish the full marathon. The time was 3:01'01". Regretfully, I failed to achieve Sub 3h by a hair. But my ranking is 1st among the 1 runner. That is to say, I won the championship !

I was able to end this race season with today's marathon. I will rest my legs for a week from tomorrow to refresh myself before restarting my training toward the next season.

Today's running profile is as follows.




Distance(距離) : 42.2 km
Time(タイム) : 3:01'01"
Average Pace(平均ペース) : 4'17" /km
Average Pitch(平均ピッチ): 182 spm
Average Stride (平均ストライド): 128 cm
Calories-out(消費カロリー) : 1,542 kcal
Steps(歩数) : 32,958
Average Heart Rate(平均心拍数): 168 bpm (Max : 207 bpm)
Estimated VO2max(推定最大酸素摂取量) : 62.3 mL/kg/min
Shoes(シューズ) : WAVE DUEL (total distance : 255.2km)
Temperature(気温): 10.9~12.6℃
Wind Speed(風速): 2.6~4.8 m/s
Humidity(湿度): 56~62%
Lap time(ラップタイム) :
1km 3’57” /km
2km 4’10” /km
3km 4’18” /km
4km 4’11” /km
5km 4’07” /km
6km 4’05” /km
7km 4’11” /km
8km 4’12” /km
9km 4’10” /km
10km 4’11” /km
11km 4’11” /km
12km 4’14” /km
13km 4’10” /km
14km 4’12” /km
15km 4’24” /km
16km 4’11” /km
17km 4’14” /km
18km 4’09” /km
19km 4’12” /km
20km 4’13” /km
21km 4’11” /km
22km 4’15” /km
23km 4’08” /km
24km 4’10” /km
25km 4’12” /km
26km 4’19” /km
27km 4’15” /km
28km 4’17” /km
29km 4’25” /km
30km 4’17” /km
31km 4’24” /km
32km 4’28” /km
33km 4’29” /km
34km 4’28” /km
35km 4’30” /km
36km 4’38” /km
37km 4’34” /km
38km 4’33” /km
39km 4’28” /km
40km 4’30” /km
41km 4’29” /km
42km 4’23” /km


Full Marathon : 2:58'09" ( The 28th Ako-Gishi Marathon, 1st December 2019 )
Half Marathon : 1:18'40" ( 2020 UNICEF CUP KOBE VALENTINE LOVE RUN, 9th February 2020 )

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That a good time brother, 3.01💪💪😎

Thanks !!

Impressive anyway!!! Man, if you were running on a race you will for sure get below 3h!!! But going alone is more difficult

Thanks!! As you say, running alone was difficult. But I'm happy to manage to finish 42.2km.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .



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