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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Weekly Update #17 [ June 7th, 2021 ] - Recruiting More Professors

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Prof @sapwood,

I think there is one more thing to think of: the upvoting. I have been seeing students complaining for not getting upvote while they have gained good marks from the professors for their work. As to myself, this week, I have done this homework post for Professor @levycore >>>>> which I got 10/10 mark. And it is expiring in a few hours. Not beeing upvoted yet.

I suggest the Academy to soon come out with a solution to this issue. Because, believe me, doing the SCA homework posts is not an easy job. Sometimes they also require money.

Thanks, Professor.


Muchas personas duran mas de 2 dias respondiendo una tarea. hay que tener en cuenta que la velocidad de aprendisaje y creacion de conetenido no es igual para todos, tengo conocidos que en 1 dia hace una tarea mientras que otros dependiendo de la complejidad duran mas de 2 dias.

No conozco bien el tema en concreto de donde surge las monedas. pero una revalorizacion de los votos no estaría de mas, el BTC cada vez se va mas a el fondo, y gracias a la pandemia mucha gente esta desempleada y viven de steemit parece increíble. pero steemit les esta brindando un sustento.

True, @nathan27. It depends basically on the intelligence, and also some other related matters. But, doing SCA task is not like doing diary games posts, for sure. It takes research, some screenshooting and editing, and sometimes money as well.

Steemit Crypto Academy, for me, is like the last hope on Steemit, a place where, I think, I will be rewarded for my work, fairly.

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