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RE: Steemit cryptoacadmey Homework post for @cryptokraze | dynamic resistance and support for trading

Dear @sarveshnegi2811

Thank you for participating in Steemit Crypto Academy Season 03 and making efforts to complete the homework task. You got 10/10 Grade Points according to the following Scale;

CriteriaGrade Points
Presentation Style2/2
Content Quality & Originality2/2
Understanding of Strategy4/4
Practical Approach2/2


Key Notes:

  • Your homework presentation style is very good and I encourage you to keep following it.
  • I like the content quality as you have written with much clarity and it looks easy to understand. Your chart markings and labelling were very good.
  • You have shown good understanding of the strategy by making precise charts for different elements of the strategy.
  • In the last question, I wanted to see if students picked this strategy. You have placed the trades according the strategy criteria.

We appreciate your efforts in Crypto academy and look forward for your next homework tasks.