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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Weekly Update #13 [ May 10th, 2021 ]

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Question: according from what im understanding about the 100sp rule is that curators will decide to curate or not the homework, last week my homework got rejected by that rule but I'm not sure if the 100sp rule is mandatory from what im reading, I'm trying to build the sp to participate however, I'm still in doubt about that one, thanks in advance 😊 looking forward to be part of this again asap👏🏻

 5 months ago (edited)

What curators generally check before curating--

  • Timestamp- Whether submitted before the deadline or not.
  • Whether the user is a repeat spammer/plagiarist(we keep a curated directory of such lists)- If yes, they will skip.
  • Min reputation of 50
  • Min of SP of 100(excluding delegated-in SP)
  • No power down

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

Got it thanks for this brother will start taking part in it.

I understand, thanks for the clarification, however let me put you in context, my homework from last week got rejected (the professor said i didn't meet the requirements to participate in the academy) but reading this post and your explanation, I am assuming I am elegible to at least be corrected, but that didn't happen, I wanna know if I can still summit my homeworks without the fear of it being rejected

Apagar es hacer Power Donw o el hecho de retirar dinero ? esto es una duda que me preguntan muchos conocidos que antes podian hacer tareas y ahora no.

thanks bro.