Beginner Course Steemit Crypto Academy Season 3 Week 3 | Airdrop - Giveaway In Cryptocurrency

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Homework Tasks

1). What do you think about Airdrop in cryptocurrency?

I think that Airdrop in cryptocurrency, is very good as is a way of creating awareness of newly launched cryptocurrency that want to be listed on an exchange as in Initial Coin Offering. In this case any cryptocurrency that want to be listed on ICO need to have it own Airdrop which will make investors know about such cryptocurrency. I can probably say that Aaidrop in cryptocurrency is very essentials to its company as it seek to promote the activities and boost the blockchain start up of such company. There is a saying that "Not all that glitter are gold", as some Airdrop in cryptocurrency are bad and good. Some Airdrop in cryptocurrency are totally scam and waste of time. The ones that are scams always involves sending of small amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to unidentified addresses. A good Airdrop in cryptocurrency will only focus on promoting it's coin and companies. This make me to think that 60% of Aidrop in cryptocurrency are totally scam and waste of time.

2). How can we know about an Airdrop event so that we can participate

It's easier for we to know about an Airdrop. Airdrop are always being promoted on the website of the company, and also social media platforms like telegram, Twitter channel, Facebook or any other cryptocurrency forums, and sometimes Airdrop tokens are sent to holders of cryptocurrency wallet like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

3). Where are Airdrop events often held?

Airdrop events are often held and manage by Airdrop in are usually distributed to followers of @airdrops_io on Twitter and also Telegram channel. And also Airdrop are often held directly on the website of that is launching the airdrop.

4). Are all Airdrop events free from scams? Otherwise, how can we avoid the scam?

Not all Aidrop events as free from scams as I early say. Some Airdrop are pure scams which I called dusting scam because it has to do with sending of specific amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrencies to unidentified recipients before you can start claiming the Airdrop. An Airdrop that is free from scams will only focus on creating awareness of the cryptocurrency and would never seek for any form of send micro crypto or Investment or whatsoever. In other to avoid the scam is better to be vigilant about unnecessarily deposit into any wallet that claim to be giving out aidrop. And also you have to stay off until you have research and find out that the Airdrop is legit.

5). Have you ever participated in a cryptocurrency Airdrop event? If so, then explain. Meanwhile, if you have never participated but have heard of the Airdrop event, then explain it. (Show proof with screenshot))

I have never participated in cryptocurrency Airdrop before as I am still a novice in the cryptocurrency industry. Although I have heard about several cryptocurrencies airdrop like Ecoin and BAT etc. As for Ecoin I heard I was told that is one of the faster growing cryptocurrency that is giving out free ecoins through referral. Whereas as BAT Is a Basic Attention Token that is earn when a users make use of brave browser.

6)Give and explain an example of an Airdrop event that has passed and the airdrop was successful. Then give one more example that has been proven to be a fraud. (It is not allowed to take the example that has been taken in question number 5).

Successful Airdrop



Taklimankan is one of the success airdrop that I know base on my research. The Airdrop was held in 2020 as a social media platform. The airdrop give out over $250,000 USDT as a reward to it users early last year.

Fraud Airdrop


MASDAQ is an Airdrop that was fail backed then in the year 2019 due to some fraudulent issue that involves the companies.

7)Look for examples of ongoing Airdrop events, make an analysis that proves that the Airdrop of your choice is good. (Screenshot required)


Stellar is airdrop is giving out away $125,000,000 worth of stellar coins. Stellar is a good open source, decentralized payment system that uses blockchain technology. It digital currency is known as lumen, or XLM.



Currently the price of Stellar according to Coinmarketcap is $$0.244200 USD with a trading volume of $622,745,253 USD. Stellar is ranking #17 which show how good the token is with a market capitalization of $5,688,235,679 USD. It has supply a total of 23,293,340,400 XLM coins and a max. Supply of 50,001,806,812 XLM coins.

Reasons Why Stellar Airdrop Is Good

Stellar is good transaction because it has less transaction fees of 0.00001 XLM. Stellar also allows its users to vote on the type of ventures that should be given support which makes it very friendly enough.

8).Explain the steps to participate in the Airdrop of your choice. (Screenshot required).

All you need to do as a blockchain users is to login to their wallets or sign up if you do not have a blockchain wallet and verified your identity.

  • Go to airdrop

  • After submitting your email address then click on "Create Wallet"

  • Check your email for the instructions on when you're to claim your XLM. At this point make sure you have a blockchain wallet to receive your coins.



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