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Hello Steemians,
Greetings to you all my noble friends and also my wonderful professor @stream4u for this great homework task which I have, learned a lot of different strategies in crypto trading. I must confess that after reading through your lesson on the topic: "Crypto Margin Trading and Crypto Leveraged Tokens Trading". I am here to discuss about my homework task.


What Is Crypto Margin Trading?

Crypto margin trading is a trading exchange that enable traders to borrow some specific asset with the help of other traders capital in an exchange. In crypto margin trader a trader profits is always multiply by 100X which the trader is very much interested of. In a simple understanding, Crypto Margin Trading is a trading that allow traders to invest much more than what they would usually be able to get. Let's say for example in Crypto Margin Trading, you trade a margin of 100x, you can easily make a profit of hundred times higher than what you would have make without margin.

How To Plan For Trading In Crypto Margin Trading.

The most adorable way that one can plan for his/her trading in Crypto Margin Trading is to;

Start with demo trading first: starting with demo trading is the best way to plan because this will allows one to practice and also trading in an environment that look like real environment. This will even help the person to be acquainted with the system before putting real money.

Start from Small: Always that start from the smaller available leverage plan like 1X, 2X etc and be planning on how to progress to higher leverage like 5X.

Set clearly-defined goals and lower your risk: you should plan on a concert risk management strategy when trading margin in other to help you achieve a clear profit.

Focus your attention on fees and interest: Whenever you open a Leveraged let your attention be on interest and the capital you borrow.

Crypto Exchanges Name That Provide Margin Trading Service and What Margin They Provide?

PrimeXBT: is a margin trading exchange that offer up to 100X leverage.

Huobi Pro is also another good trading exchange that offer up to 5X in Bitcoin and margin trading.

BitMax Offer a leverage trading that is up to 100X including interest rates that make it the top highest leverage Bitcoin trading.

Poloniex allow traders to leverage their trade for up to 2.5X in BTC as well as margin trade with about 11 different cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin.

What Is Leveraged Tokens Trading?

Leveraged tokens trading is the type of trading whereby the money that is borrowed by trader is use to make up for the difference between the trader margin and that of the order total. In leveraged tokens there are ERC20 tokens that involves leverage exposure without looking depending on the liquidation risk and margin requirements. It can also be seen as a trading which give traders the exposure to other crypto asset that support the use of leverage to reduce exposure.

How To Plan For Trading In Leveraged Tokens?

Focus on market research when you pay attention to market research it will help you to understand the volatility performance in leveraged tokens and market.

Support the markets that will benefit you pay attention to few Markets that will help you achieve your goals rather than too many markets that make you confuse.

Study the system before Investing big in it I can say here that before you invest your fund make sure that you have truly understand how the system works.

Crypto Exchanges Name That Provide Leveraged Tokens Service and What Margin They Provide In Leveraged Tokens?

FXT is a cryptocurrency service that provide leveraged tokens up to 3X.

Pionex provide leveraged tokens service that support mechanism and rebalancing.

Binance is a top service provider of leveraged tokens with 1.25X and above.

Price Forcast For Crypto Assets XXXXXX. (This is similar question from last course, take any Crypto Assets Chart graph, as per its current price and its market trend predict its future price for only next week, what will be its future price for next 1 week.You can predict for any direction up or down but explain it properly on what basis you have predicted the price. What will be the possible low level and high level fornext week.).

The current price of Dogecoin is $0.6113 established on the back of the -0.42% decrease in the last 24 hours. In the past 1 week the price of Dogecoin has significantly. The expected Volatility for the next 1 week is at its highest values.

For a better Dodgecoin price prediction let's take a comprehensive look at the current price chart gotten from Coinmarketcap.

Screenshot from Coinmarketcap

From the current price which is $0.6113, it shows that in the next one week the price of Dogecoin will be $0.8321 dollars a coin. At the end of the 1 week which start from today the price of Dogecoin will become bullish with and increase of 4.8% higher than what it will be Friday night. In a nutshell Dodgecoin will drop to $0.5994 on 8 may, before raising to $0.6101 on 9 may, after that there will be a slice raise in price of $0.6213 on 10 may, then after that the price price fluctuate between $0.6101 and $0.6221 between 11-13 may, before finally raising to $0.8321 dollars per coin.

I'm so grateful for your time here......


Hi @drmax1

Thank you for joining The Steemit Crypto Academy Courses and participated in the Homework Task.

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Provided information are explained well but expecting more details in LEVERAGE TOKENS TRADING like their price behavior movement when BULL, BEAR can go up and down. In Price Forcast, the information not clear like on the basis of the predicted price set, the information has to clarify why the price will drop and up such specific details were needed.
Try to be more informative, explore the topic in good details, explain Graph in technical point if view. Just a suggestion While using images from own charts study, try to put your name in free space.

Your Homework Task verification has been done by @Stream4u, hope you have enjoyed and learned something new.

Thank You.
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