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Greetings to you my beloved Steemians,
Today I'm here again to discuss about my homework task of professor @yousafharoonkhan . The homework task is made up in a simple and logical understanding so feel great as you read.

Question no 1 :
Write the definition of Decentralized and Centralized Social Media Platforms in your own words.Explain in your own words the difference between decentralization and centralization Social Media Platforms (answer should related Social Media Platforms . (answer must be written in oun words, copy paste or from other source copy will be not accepted)

Centralized Social Media Platforms is defined as the platform that is being control form the central authority. In this type of platform the central unit is in charge of everything that is happening in the platforms including controlling of users information and data. And example of this type of platforms is Facebook.

Decentralized Social Media platforms is defined as the type of platform that gives users more control of their data and information. In this type of platform everything is open source the control of data and information is in the hands of the users because there is no central authority that control the platform. And example of this type of Social Media Platforms is Steemit.

Difference between decentralization and centralization social media platforms

The difference between decentralization and centralization social media platforms can be view in a tabuler from below:

Key DifferenceDecentralizationCentralization
Method of controlUsers take control of their dataThe central authority take control of users data
Third party involvementNo third party is involveThird party is involve
HackableIt can't be hacks as no single point of failureIt can be easily hacks as it's more prone
User-friendlyNot easy to usefriendly and easy to use

Question no 2 :
Which One is The Future of Social media ? Decentralized or centralized Social media.(answer must be written in own words)

Decentralization is the future of social media reasons being that people are looking for a means to make a living and with the high rate of people going into most of the decentralized social media platforms like Steemit, Hive, Leofinance etc it tells that decentralized social media is taking over the centralized social media. As of late last year read a post on Nairaland forum, the writer was talking how he has wasted his time chatting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without receiving any rewards. The writer fell so bad on the used of Centralized Social media platforms after he has discovered Steemit, Leofinance and Hive that pay him for his little effort. I think if a person can make such pronouncement in a forum it has shown that anyone who discovered about decentralized Social media platforms like Steemit and the rest such a person will never like to make use of the Centralized Social media platforms. In a nutshell decentralized social media platforms is taking over centralized social media platforms as long as users keep getting expose to the benefits that is attached like being in control of their data and the DApp that their can create and manage in the decentralized Social media platforms.

Question no 3 :
How steemit decentralization social media is best than Twitter and Facebook.(answer must be written in own words)

Steemit as a decentralized social media is far more best than Twitter and Facebook in so many ways like:
In steemit a user's earn a rewards from the post he/she made while in Twitter and Facebook there is nothing like reward to a user. In steemit a user's can create an application that he can control the way he like. But in Twitter and Facebook a user's can't create an application that he can mage and control. There are a lot of opportunities in Steemit compared to that of Twitter and Facebook. In steemit a user can see all the data of another users but in Twitter and Facebook there is nothing like such advantage. Finally Steemit is a Decentralized Social media platforms that allows user to take control of there data, while in Facebook and Twitter everything is control by the central unit.

Question no 4 :
What do you say? How do Steemit social media change the lives of millions of its users?(answer must be written in own words

Steemit as a social media platforms has really change the lives of millions upon millions of people by making them financially independent from where there where before knowing steemit.Steemit has create virtual employment to people like the SteemitCryptoAcademy professor, those that create and manage their own application in steemit with the help of the DApps also steemit has also change the live of those that sell Steem in Their exchange, equally user like me that published post in steemit has Benefits a lot from steemit which my lives has change from sorry to joy. Steemit has also help change the lives of millions of users by paying them in Steem, SDB and TRX and it also change user lives by educating them about cryptocurrencies and other blockchains activities with the help of SteemitCryptoAcademy community.

Question no 5 :
How can we make money with Steemit's decentralized social media.(write your own experience)

In steemit decentralized social media we can make money in various ways such as;

  • Writing of quality post to earn rewards
  • participating in various contest in community like; Worldoffootball, Steemfoods community and the rest of the community.
  • we can also make money in participating in homework task of SteemitCryptoAcademy
  • we can also make money in steemit by upvoting other users post
  • We can make money by buying Steem and power up
  • we can make money from supporting curation trial
  • We can make money from the community we created

Question no 6 :
How to create communities on Steemit social media ( practicle step by step ) & Promote your homework post on two social media ,twitter and facebook (just share link in comments area)

To be able to create communities on Steemit social media all you have to do is to follow the few steps below:

Step 1:

First, Login to Steemit and click on Steemit as shown below


Step 2:

Click on the Explore communities


Step 3:

Click on Create a Community


Step 4:

Choose your community name,and also write the description of the community and click Next.


Now you can see that from the above screenshot my community name is SteemitGist community and I write both the description before I click on Next button

Step 5:

Once you have click on the next button, you're to copy and save the community password. It is very much important step.


Step 6:

here pay is 3 steem cost , that admin will pay,if you are ready to pay 3 steem then click OK


Step 7:

after clicking ok, enter your active key to pay cost 3 steem


Step 8:

Community is now ready to start, and be promote


Step 9:

You can now see that SteemitGist community is active and ready to subscribe to.



Hello readers,thank you for your time here.I hope this homework task is easy for you to understand. Much thanks to professor @yousafharoonkhan , whose lesson was very easy for me to understand and come up with this homework post.

Thank you......


Thank you for joining The Steemit Crypto Academy Courses Season 2 Week5 and participated in the Homework Task.

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Thank you professor @yousafharoonkhan what if I should buy Steem and power up my account can I be graded.