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It my pleasure to be here once again, to partake in the SteemitCryptoAcademy Lesson Session 2. Today, after the studying the lesson of professor @alphafx on the topic: Blockchain Platforms, I am here to discussed about Stellar and Ethereum Blockchain Platforms.



Stellar is known as a distributed blockchain based mostly ledger that is used for facilitating cross-asset transfers value. like Ripple, it can even manage exchanges between cryptocurrencies and money based mostly currencies. it's attainable to create banking tools, good devices and mobile wallets victimisation the Stellar blockchain network.

Now that we have understand what Stellar is let's the a close look at the stellar Consensus protocol (SCP). The SCP is what makes Stellar to be attainable to achy protocol without depending on a closed system for recording monetary transactions. Having a collection of demonstrable safety properties, SCP optimizes for safety over physiological property by halting the progress of the network till a accord may be reached just in case of misbehaving nodes or partition.

Why Stellar?

In regards to the decentralised proof-of-work and proof-of-stake algorithms, SCP has modest monetary and computing necessities, reducing the barrier to entry and gap up economic system to new participants.

SureRemit leverages Stellar blockchain for connecting immigrants in an exceedinglybroad with the merchants providing the services needed by their precious ones in a totally different country. several alternative corporations like Transfer To, NaoBTC, RippleFox, and ICICI Bank square measure group action with the Stellar network to alter cash transfers across countries.

Industry Focusmonetary Services
Consensus AlgorithmStellar Consensus Protocol
GovernanceStellar Development Foundation
Smart Contract Functionalityaffirmative
Ledger TypeBoth public and personal



Ethereum blockchain platforms was Founded in late 2013, Ethereum is AN ASCII text file and blockchain based mostly distributed computing platform planned by Vitalk Buterin, a 22 years old Russian Canadian programmer. Ethereum is best understood for running good smart Contracts on a customized blockchain.
The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) provides the run-time atmosphere to good smart contracts in Ethereum. And each node in the Ethereum blockchain network must run an EVM check Re-write.

Why Ethereum?

So many businesses have adopted Ethereum widely, it is very important to know that Ethereum is a public "Permissionless" blockchain platform that is built for restricted access between mass adoption. Although it is the PoW (Proof of Work) based platform, that is very slow in transaction Speed. this can be done if the consensus Algorithm is change to proof of state.

The local Cryptocurrency of Ethereum is known as Ether, which is used to boost the Ethereum ecosystem. if anyone should developed an application on the ethereum blockchain platforms that person has to pay a fees in Ethers, before he)her application can be run on the Ethereum blockchain network.

So far, so good Ethereum has built big online support platform to help everyone with update on the blockchain network.

Industry FocusCross Industry
Consensus AlgorithmProof of work
GovernanceEthereum Developers
Smart Contract Functionalityaffirmative
Ledger TypePermissionless


The both blockchain are good, but it seem Ethereum has developed more than Stellar because of it Smart Contracts and the types of DApps that is built on the Ethereum blockchain network.

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