Crypto Academy Season Two Week 5: Homework Post for @yousafharoonkhan

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Greetings everyone, I much grateful to be part of once again another great lesson of our hardworking professor @yousafharoonkhan.
This week’s lesson is geared towards social media and everything we have to know about it. I hereby make my submission to the various questions asked by our professor.


As the name is self-explanatory, it is a social media in which there isn’t any control by any authority. That is, with this type of social media there is freedom of expression of its users. Also with this social media type users account details aren’t exposed to any central authority but rather kept to themselves. In addition, a decentralized social media is one type that allows the free registration process and also does not block the account of its users. A very good example of a Decentralized social media is Steemit.


This is the direct opposite of decentralized social media. With this type of social media, there is control over platform by an authority. That is, the central authority controls the activities of its users. There isn’t any freedom of expressions since there is a presence of authority checking the day in and day out activities of the users. There are situations in a centralized social media whereby the accounts of its users are blocked without seeking of permission. Some good number of examples of centralized Social media is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
There are some differences between Decentralized and Centralized Social media. I have tabulated some of these difference below.

There isn’t any control by an authorityThere is control by a central authority
In this social media type, there is freedom of expression.Since there is control, no freedom of expression in this type of social media
Activities carried out by users can’t be blocked by any authority without permissionThe activities in this type of social can be blocked at any time without seeking permission of the users.
The affairs of accounts of users in this social media type are run by rules and regulations of themselvesWith this type of social media, affairs of the account of users are run by rules and regulations of the website rules.
In this social media type, the hard work of users over a number of years aren’t not closed down by any authority but benefits.In this type of social media, most users face challenges as their account over some number of years are been closed down.
There is complete protection of users in this type of social mediaWith this type of social media, users’ information are exposed to hackers therefore there is no protection.

Taking some differences and adding more information,

In a Decentralized social media, there is freedom of expression in a way that, users are free to post their ideas or business stuff in such social media platforms. There isn’t any control or rules that the user must to follow in order to express his ideas in a decentralized social media platform. A good example is the Steemit Blockchain, where I am allowed to express my views in any community of my choice without any hindrance. But for Centralized social media, there is an authority that controls whatever users are to create or express in the platform. That is, before one is able to express the ideas, there are rules He or she must to follow. For example before I can make a post in Facebook, I have to follow the rules of the website before posting what I have in mind.

Also, in terms of protection of the details of users in the two types of social media, Decentralized social media protects its users and their account details. That is, there hasn’t been any situation whereby the accounts of users in a decentralized social media been hacked or something. But for Centralized Social media, there have been series of incidents where the account of users have been exposed to hackers.


Taking a look at these two types of social media critically, there is enough proof to show that Decentralized social media has a future of a good social media as compared to centralized social media.
Why do I say so, with centralized social media, the details of the account of users are in the hands of central authority and can be blocked for no reason at any point in time without permission from the owner? This doesn’t happen in a Decentralized social media.

Another good point is that, in a decentralized social media businesses carried out there are been controlled by the users and not any authority but with that of centralized social media businesses carried out are in control of a central authority and there is a possibility of the business been collapsed in the near future by that authority.

Last but least, in a decentralized social media, the user’s hard works over a good number of years are never gone to waste but gives benefits to the owners. That is a different case with centralized social media. There are reports that shows that, users that have worked hard over a good number of years in creating good ideas have been wasted. Especially on YouTube. People have created a good number of nice videos for a good number of years and everything have been gone to waste.

This and many more are enough to say the future of decentralized social media is much brighter as compared to that of centralized social media.


With this question I will like to tell the reasons why Steemit as a decentralized social media is much better and will always be better than Twitter and Facebook.

To start with, Steemit platform, allows its users to create their post without any restrictions made. That is so far as the post isn’t a plagiarized post, it is allowed to be in the platform without any control from any authority. That is different when we come to Facebook and Twitter. That is, in these two centralized social media, before a user is to make a post, it must be controlled by the website and must also follow the rules and regulations of the website.

In addition, Steemit Decentralized social media rewards its users with three different tokens for creation of quality content post after every one week of the post. That is, when this post gets some up votes, within one week, the rewards are redeem by the user. But with Twitter and Facebook, there isn’t any rewards for making a post or a tweet in this social media after one week.

Also, Steemit broadens the knowledge in every aspect of life of the users. That is, in terms of crypto knowledge, food recipes, writing of article, drawing and so on. The individual minds or knowledge is broaden and more is added to users upon their registration to Steemit Social media platform. But in the case of Twitter and Facebook, there isn’t any situation or place where such knowledge can be gotten or achieved.

Last but not least, Steemit platform adds more value to the living standards of its users than that of Twitter and Facebook. This is because, with the rewards given in Steemit platform it can help add value to living conditions of users. But that is not the situation with users of Facebook and Twitter since no rewards are given after a week to its users.


Steemit social media has really impacted positively on the lives of millions of its users around the world. With the rewards gotten from various post made on this social media platform that is the tokens gotten Steem dollar SBD and Steem, it can traded for the local currency of any user in the platform. That is, the lives of its users in terms of making some money day in day out has been changed from a bad state to a better state and most users to the best state.

I can even testify to the fact that as a result of Steemit social media most Steemians around me including myself have changed our lives. There are some needs that we couldn’t get before joining this social media platform but right now we are able to meet all those needs and wants.

Another interesting fact about Steemit social media is that it doesn’t require to be very skillful or knowledgeable before your life can be changed, no. All it does is just to for you to have some good talents and smartness in you when displayed on this social media platform then you rewarded so as to add a heavy impact to your live positively.


In life nothing good comes really easy. Making money on Steemit social media requires some effort of its users so as to see the impact of their hard work. I am able to make money on Steemit Social media by the following ways.

Firstly, the creation of good and quality post in various communities mostly those trending then the posts get up votes gives me money. That is, making or creating posts free from plagiarism then posting it in various communities gives me good money.

Secondly, been diverse in making quality post makes me generate good income or rewards. That is I make sure I am not centered to one aspect of Steemit Social media but rater active at different areas of the social media platform. This is because, been active in so many communities and creating quality posts in them will help generate up votes for you the user. At the end of the day it gives you good money.

In addition show casing my talents is another way I make good money on Steemit Social media. I have so many talents in me, that is, I am good writer, I know how to make good food, I have good knowledge on crypto and so on. With these God given and learnt talents I am able to show case them to make money in various communities. For instance, I share some recipes with the Steemit foods community which generate money to me. I also take part in contests in the Writings and reviews community where I get some rewards to from. And as I am taking part in this crypto assignment which hopefully I will get some rewards from.

All these gives me good money from Steemit Social media which I also invest into other crypto currency to generate more money for me in the nearby future.


There are various steps which one is expected to follow in the creation of a community on Steemit Social media. I will be showing the various practically by addition of screenshots to help display every step.

Step 1
From the logged in page of steemit, click on steemit at the top corner as shown below.

yousaf 1.png

Step 2
Now, click on Explore communities which is at the bottom as show below.

yousaf 2.png

Step 3
Move to Create Community the click on it.

yousaf 3.png

Step 4
Now, select the details of the community that’s the name and description
As seen below I kept the name of the community to be Media House and the description to be promotion of media houses on Steemit. Then click on NEXT

yousaf 4.png

yousaf 5.png

Step 5
Moving forward, the password keys of my community has been saved therefore click the create community button.

yousaf 6.png

Step 6
3 Steem is to be paid for the cost of creating a community as seen below the payment is made.

yousaf 7.png

Step 7
Confirmation of payment is made by entering my active key as seen below.

yousaf 8.png

Step 8
Successfully finished by creation of community as seen below and its ready for subscription and promotion.

yousaf 9.png

yousaf 10.png


In a nut shell, I am most grateful to our hardworking professor @yousafharoonkhan for this wonderful lesson. I hope my homework entry will be reviewed.


Great work done brother! Hope you get a good review

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