Steemit Crypto Academy Season 2 Week 3 | Home Work Task for @alphafx: Trading and Holding

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Thanks to professor @alphafx for giving me the opportunity to join his class: Steemit Crypto Academy Season 2 Week 3 | Home Work Task for @alphafx: Trading and Holding.

This is my first entry in the Steemit Crypto Academy community, hopefully I can do my best, please advise and critique my content.


Do you hold any coins? Talk about the wallet type you prefer/would prefer holding in.

I have several types of crypto coins stored in several wallets such as Bittrex, Binance and Indodax. Most of coins I have come from curation on the Steemit platform. Among these wallets, I often transact on the Indodax wallet for several reasons :

  1. I am an Indonesia citizen and official currency IDR.
  2. Indodax is a originates and is offices in Bali - Indonesia.
  3. I can make deposit using IDR.
  4. Ease of withdrawing from your wallet to a bank account in Indonesia.
  5. Interaction is easier with Indodax admin because can use Indonesian.

Currently on Indodax there are 124 cryptocurrency coins / tokens that can be traded. Next, we will explain how to deposit using IDR on Indodax


After logging in, the main page will appear, select market place, then select deposit, on the next page fill in the amount of money and select of bank virtual account, then enter


The next page select the bank name, enter, then the Indodax Official account number will appear, now you can directly send your funds via an ATM or directly to the bank

is the main cryptos used on the Vidy platform. I think this coin is quite potential and promises profit. The specialty of Vidy is having "The Video Layers for Ads" technology, which is one of innovations in the digital advertising industry. I am sure that in the future many industries will adopt this technology and it will have positive impact on VidyCoin.

Vidy is a blockchain-based decentralized video ad network, currently Vidy is considered successful and many Cryptocurrency Exchanges are interested in entering Vidy network. In Indonesia Vidy has more than 200 million monthly active users from 3.5 billion monthly page views. Users can also own VidyCoin crypto assets for free by completing actions on the website such as watching advertisements.


VidyCoin Chart on Indodax

VidyCoin has become my favorite crypto this year. I have purchased a number of VidyCoin on Indodax and plan to buy more. VidyCoin is among my top portfolios for the future. Vidy was also nominated for 'Community Coin of the Month' by Binance as one of the largest international cryptocurrency adoption communities.


With screenshots, show how to perform spot trading on any pair of your choice.


The image above shows the buying and selling of CoinVidy on Indodax

When you are logged in, you can choose the marketplace, then a buy & sell page will appear, you can make transactions with IDR according to price you want to make transaction, this page also displays the highest and lowest prices of coins.

Recommended that before deciding to sell or buy, you first check the price movement on the VidyCoin chart so that the decision is more realistic.


Holding or trading, which do you prefer and why?

I do it because both have their advantages. I trade using a third-party app, Tab Trader, to make it easier to monitor price movements and buy or sell coins. However, this activity is only carried out on certain coins, sold when experiencing pump then will buy same coin when dump. The coins used are also only 20% of the total assets. I also dont have deep knowledge of technical analysis and fundamental analysis as basic knowledge of a trader.

Holding is my top choice investing in crypto, I prefer analyzing coin white paper for the long term. If the project is good and has potential for profit, I will buy and keep it for a certain period of time or if price movement goes up according to the target then coins will be sold. Then I will make my next investment plan. For me holding is a wise choice for success, you can still have quality time with family or friends without being distracted by coin price movements all the time.

Thank you for stopping by.

The cover image was edited by the author using Poster Maker application, the Indodax logo and VidyCoin taken from the official Indodax and VidyCoin websites.



Question 10/2the question was on whether you hold, and where you hold, not deposits and a breakdown on the coin you chose
Question 20/2no illustration of a buy or sell
Question 32/4
TOTAL4well done, put in more effort, see you next time

Thanks for participating

Ok...thanks prof

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