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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Week 4 [Advanced Course] | Crypto Assets Diversification (CAD)

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Hello professor @fredquantum, please it is unfair to compel students to invest when they don't want to or are not ready to. The practical examples of investing at least $60 is not necessary. If the student has done their fundamental analysis and you're satisfied with it you score, else you do as you deem fit.

 4 months ago 

Hello @jehoshua-shey, I perfectly understand your plight on this. Remember, this is an advanced level and the academy looks beyond mere teaching as we want people to make use of whatever they are been taught. This topic is centered on investment and if no practical investment was involved, I don't think we have done anything. Thank you.

@fredquantum, this is not a good notion about investments. It's not something you can do at anytime even if you want to prove a point.

You can request for a demo portfolio or even a watchlist. But now, you want people to possibly close positions they've been holding for sometime and plan to hold even longer just to show you how to buy coins while investing, I think you're not being realistic here.

Advanced courses nonetheless, you could have just asked for a demo or asked people who have portfolios to list some of the assets they hold and possibly run fundamental analysis on them.

Funny enough, you didn't do an investment of $60 to show us samples 😏.

For my entry, please, I'm going to show some assets in my portfolio and talk about some other ones I would love to invest in but I'm not buying anything now because I can't.

I'm pretty sure money is not one of the criteria for participating in advanced courses except I'm wrong. Thanks.

 4 months ago 

You have your point likewise I have mine which the homework task solely depends on, unfortunately, it has to be fulfilled.

Your suggestion may be considered in subsequent lectures. It stands this way for the week. Thank you.

Funny enough, you didn't do an investment of $60 to show us samples 😏.

It's been my practice for quite some time and that's exactly why I deem it fit to teach and I would love to see people do it with all seriousness.

This is not the first time trading styles were taught in the academy and requires investment like this. You can call me out because I'm new on the team, likewise, I might not be here tomorrow, it's all good, but the homework task has to be fulfilled.

If you choose to do it your own way, I'm afraid it's gonna have a negative impact on your grade. Thank you.

 4 months ago (edited)

Dear professor, please I'm not calling you out because you're new on the team. Infact, you've been doing a great job since you joined the team. I'm only saying $60 worth of real investments is quite a lot.

You said you have held investments, so you understand what it means to have to close some of those investment prematurely just to fulfill a task, it's kind of victimization.

I really appreciate your response on this issue. I'll do the assignment to the best of my financial abilities. But if I score low because I don't have enough $$, it goes without saying that there's a scent of discrimination.

hey @jehoshua-shey I read the thread and I agree with you that the $60 investment is not a small amount, but if we look it from another perspective, I think the Academy is shifting more towards practicality. If we look at the last week's intermediate lecture by prof allbert, we saw that he too demanded an investment of atleast $15. To what I have understood, I think they are now focusing more towards real life trades

Yes, practicality is important especially in advanced level courses. If you can do the task that's ok. Not all can.

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