Trading is a constant mental fight with the demon that tells you that your strategy will make you a millionairesteemCreated with Sketch.

While it is true this internal demon does not stop at all easy, it fights with that ego that keeps us away from our dreams and that always moves us to the safe and boring area of ​​the so-called comfort zone and that tells you that the strategy does not work, and you go back to work because it was safer.

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Many and I include myself, we started trading hoping to become profitable and why not millionaires, and of course it is possible. But it requires time to study psychology training an endless number of emotions and discoveries that can be seen easy but at the moment of operating in real they play a trick on you.

We search the internet on YouTube, we search and we look for the strategy that makes us profitable without knowing that by overloading ourselves with information to want to win, we move further away from learning to do it and believing in our analysis and criteria.

The most important thing is that your desire to learn does not get carried away by your desire to win that simple.

In the weekly and 1-day Japanese candlestick chart, if there is a clear direction, we proceed to mark it so we can know the macro path of the price and operate in its favor. (first step I take and it works for me)

weeks before I published this entry, here you can see that we marked the macro zone and we project it to what it would seek to reach that offer, so we can scalp or project long to where we mark the zones.


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Taking into account the way of operating, you can determine when to enter and exit it, and take advantage of it. There is no 100% winning strategy but with 50% or less you can be profitable.