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RE: Crypto Academy / Season 3 / Week 3 - Homework Post for Professor //@lenonmc21 / Trends, Trend Lines and Chart Patterns /by @zeeshanakram//.

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Greetings @zeeshanakram. Thank you very much for participating in my class for season 3 (week 3), in the "SteemitCryptoAcademy ".


Presentation (Markdown Usage)0.5/2
Content (Topic Mastery)0.5/2
Quality of Analysis0.5/2
Spelling and Grammar0.5/2



  • Presentation: You did not justify the text or use text separators, in order to give a visibly attractive and higher quality order and structure to your post. You also have errors in the use of markdown that you should be aware of, there are spaces that you should not give and paragraphs pasted from others, which does not look good and does not allow to read fluently.

  • Trends: You failed to detail that, with a trend we can measure the strength that has a movement, also highlight that, in greater temporalities graphics, they are the most reliable to analyze. Not only can we see in which direction the price is going, which is the most basic, there are more aspects behind what a trend is. The first example image for the uptrend is wrong, there the price is in range and is just making a breakout.

  • Trend Line: You missed details to highlight, such as the fact that trend lines also function as dynamic supports and resistances and the inclination, strength and speed that it has. On the other hand, the types of trends you detailed are not used in the financial markets, you should limit yourself to answer what is asked in the assignment.

  • Supports and Resistances: You did not explain how we can see if a zone is stronger than another and how we can identify it. Also a single example to explain how exactly these zones are identified is not enough and your example of resistance is not valid.

  • Patterns: You did not explain why these patterns are formed, what is the interpretation behind their formation, what investors do through the buying and selling that these patterns create. The example image of the last pattern you posted is not well observed, you should look for clearer examples.


My comments and/or suggestions

  • Thank you very much for participating in my class. I value your effort to explain each point of the assignment. Your paper had many errors, please, for next time, you should be precise and clear with the assignment. Take the time to study the class more thoroughly, for a higher quality presentation.