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RE: Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Week 4 [Advanced Course] | Crypto Assets Diversification (CAD)

in SteemitCryptoAcademy4 months ago

Nice lecture @fredquantum, although am not eligible to take this class, however I have a question to ask as regards this well delivered lecture.

How do I know the coin to test my arbitrage trading with including the pair such that I don't run at loss and also caught in the web of exchange commission which might end up swallowing the profit aimed at.

 4 months ago (edited)

You need to have identified a valid triangular arbitrage opportunity of which I stated some in this lecture and others to be researched by the students. You have highlighted some of the risks involved in this piece, I won't be able to go deeper because most of it is given as homework task.

Thanks, @lhorgic.

 4 months ago 

Thanks for the reply...I really appreciate Prof.

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